Veronica Lee
Veronica Lee she/her/hers
Return to Your Soul Truth, Inherent Power & Essential Joy

A Transformational Visionary, Mentor and Mystic, Veronica Lee guides awakening and old souls back to your soul truth, your inherent power and essential joy.

Centered around empowerment and soul-aligned living, her offerings include:
~ Insightful articles, videos and guided meditations
~ Online courses and live classes
~ Private and group spiritual evolution mentoring
~ Akashic Records readings and workshops

As a lifelong metaphysician, her teachings are based on non-denominational spiritual wisdom that is at the heart of most mystical practices. Essentially, Veronica holds as clear of a mirror as possible so that you may see your own reflection with as much clarity and love as possible. She holds space for your remembrance of your wholeness and Perfection, just as you are, while guiding your transformation to be who you've incarnated to be.


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