Michelle Marcicki
Michelle Marcicki she/her/hers
🌻SelfcareCEO: I’m the Wellness Wonder Woman🔥
Health, Wellness, Fitness (Pilates/FPT) & Self-Care Expert

(Was founded as 1996 as Unity Massage Therapy)

And RE-established / Initially Incorporated as Unity Integration Studios in 2005
(RE-Incorporated in 2020)
To expand services offered by UMT to *Integrate* other training methodologies, offerings, products, services & Co. divisions:

Unity Co. Divisions:
- UnityPilates (+UnityFitness)
(Home-Based/Online Fitness Studio only at the moment)
- UnityArbonne
- UnityBooks (Entrepreneurial Daily Gratitude Journal out early 2022)

Products & Services Include:
- Pilates Privates & Mat Classes
- Functional Personal Training Sessions (w/Pilates foundation)
- Certified Vegan, BCorp & Gluten Free Products (Via Arbonne)
- Vegan & Nutritional Workshops, Trainings & Events
- As well as other Health, Wellness & Fitness Offerings
- and MORE

Including a NEW Combo Program about to launch for FALL 2022
- Our *Unity FeelFIT Transformation Program*
Coming out of our NEW:
5-DAY  *Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul* Challenge!

Also coming in 2022/2023:
- UnityModelling (returning in summer/fall 2022 IG: TheSeasonOfTheWitches)
- UnityRadio - 2023
- UnityRetreatsCA (Fitness/Pilates/Dance, Vegan/Plant-Based Retreats/Training for Entrepreneurs) - 2023
- UnityVeganCo (starting w/future vegan fitness apparel line & MORE..) - 2023/2024

Unity Integration Studios re-launched in 2020 as an intimate (currently home-based & online) Pilates studio offering
Online & In-Person Pilates and Functional Personal Training:
- in Privates & Duets formats, along with fusion/integrated small group training 
- as well as small group Pilates mat classes (3-4 people maximum - Both Online & In-Person)
- and “large” group Pilates mat classes (10-15 people maximum - Both Online & In-Person)

The owner and founder of Unity Integration Studios - Michelle L. Marcicki
is a former RMT, who specialized in therapeutic deep tissue, and sport massage therapy focused on treatment for dancers, gymnasts/aerialists, runners, triathletes, martial artists, golfers, equestrian, motorcyclists, and all athletes, as well as general population.

Michelle continues to focus on these populations, as a Pilates Instructor/Fitness Professional:
- with a strong emphasis on supporting those in any sport with Pilates and Functional Training
- as well as supporting and advising other Entrepreneurs in their Fitness, Health & Self-Care, so they can be in OPTIMAL HEALTH to run their business(es)!

Having been a movement artist, actor, dancer in various styles, and fitness professional for years, as well as
martial arts (via NIA & other forms), Michelle will returning to complete her Kinesiology degree part-time
(via Mount Royal University/Open Studies), and at the University of Calgary over the next several years.

Along with pursuing her dance minor, or double B.Sc. degree in Kinesiology/(Dance), the goal is the longer term intention for Physiotherapist post-degree studies, to continue supporting her life-long passions for 
Movement, Fitness & Wellness, through the connections in Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul..!


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Pilates Myths & Benefits
Pilates Myths & Benefits

Health & Well-being
Athletes Body Awareness +16
5-DAY *Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul* Challenge
5-DAY  *Health in Mind, Heart, Body & Soul* Challenge

- Find out HOW YOU can FeelFit 
- Explore MindSpace, Breathing, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Gratitude & More
Health & Well-being
Athletes Body Awareness +29
Get back your Peace & Balance..!  The Foundational ABC'S of SelfCare for Entrepreneurs

Signature Talk:

Get back your Peace & Balance.. ! 
(The Foundations ABC's of Self-Care for Entrepreneurs..)


I go through the A-B-C's..
(& bonus D) of “Self-Care”, for really finding your Centre & CORE as an Entrepreneur..
..for better Health, Wellness, (Fitness), Self-Care!

The Essentials to be more grounded in yourself, for your business(es).

And tying these foundational principles back to you Passion & Purpose!

Health & Well-being
Breathing Energy +17
Be Well Transformation Challenge
Be Well Transformation Challenge
Health & Well-being


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