Tonya Dawn Recla
Tonya Dawn Recla she/her/hers
Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Super Power Experts and creator of the Superpower Network, the #1 podcast network for inspired personal development, Tonya Dawn Recla spends her days proving superpowers are real. She’s passionate about creating scalable, sustainable solutions to support rapid evolution and vibrational shifts for individuals and the collective. Through her experiences in academia, high finance, corporate America, the military, government counterintelligence, corporate espionage, entrepreneurship, intuitive and spiritual embodiment and, now, superpowers, Tonya explored the human psyche and deconstructed the human experience. The superpowers body of work rests on decades of dedicated research, exploration and trial and error establishing a framework to co-create a multidimensional experience in this lifetime. From Tonya’s divine guidance, and in concert with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Neva, the Reclas stepped forward in faith and created an organization based in synergistic collaboration, proving both the body of work and the business models that support it.


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