Tatiana Vilarea
Tatiana Vilarea she/her/hers
hypnotherapist, coach and international best-selling author

Tatiana Vilarea is a hypnotherapy specialist, coach and international best-selling author for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders. She helps her clients overcome visibility fears, confidence issues and other inner blocks that keep them from reaching the impact, income and success they deeply desire.

Tatiana developed a proprietary method that reprograms body memory and its habitual neurological patterning. She combines her unique methodology with subconscious work and other highly effective transformational tools, addressing body, mind and emotions holistically.


Having used her innovative body memory release techniques to let go of her own deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas that were causing multiple business blocks, Tatiana was compelled to share them with others and create real-time results for those who have also "tried it all before," yet continue to experience recurring blocks in their personal and professional lives.



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