Tanya Memme
Tanya Memme she/her/hers
I help entrepreneurs with confidence on camera and LIFE!

Tanya Memme is an Award-winning TV Host, Executive Producer and Keynote Speaker. She has traveled the world as a TV personality on numerous Television networks and platforms including A&E, TLC, ABC, CBS, Disney, BBC, BIO, HULU, Hallmark Channel, Dabl, and FYI.  She was also Miss World Canada, hosts the Life Masters Podcast, and is currently a Transformational Coach helping people all over the world get over the fear of being in camera. She creates Influential Confident Communicators on camera, stage social media and in LIFE. Through her mentoring, extensive TV experience, podcasting and motivational speaking, she captivates audiences globally.  

 As the Star of over 10 TV series, and hit shows as "Sell This House” and “Sell This House Extreme”, she has brought all of her life experience and on camera mastery into an upcoming 10 week on line workshop called Mastering The Spotlight.  This is for those who want to break through the fear of being on camera and stage and step into their awesome authentic self - Unapologetically!  







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