Steven Rowell
Steven Rowell
Landing More Corporate Clients with Bigger Profits
Founder of Accelerated Ventures and Accelerator Forum

Steven is the founder of Accelerated Ventures, co-founder of Accelerator Forum, business mentor and international speaker, helping successful business consultants and coaches earn more by licensing their best programs to corporations, growing with strategic partnerships, hosting business growth forums (mastermind groups), and launching Champion Networks. 

He has provided consulting and training to 24 Fortune 500 companies such as UPS, Walmart, Compass, Shell, Pfizer, and Huntsman. He also licensed his patient satisfaction system to 1100 hospitals nationwide. 

His mastermind members have generated more than $84 million in new revenue using only 3 or 4 of his strategies. He is the author of multiple books, including Success from the Inside Out; Jumpstart Your Creativity; and How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime (2025), with 208,000 books distributed globally.

He performed improv with Wayne Brady in Las Vegas, and he occasionally sounds just like Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Eeyore. He and his wife, an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, producer, and podcaster, have one teenage son, one foster daughter from South Africa, Butterscotch, their Goldendoodle and a mischievous Corgi named Courage.


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How to Turn Challenge Participants into High Ticket Clients

--How to begin enrolling Challenge Participants into your bigger packages, even BEFORE your Challenge starts

--The answer to the brain science question every person is asking at the end of your challenge

--Follow-up strategies that enroll more clients

--Two powerful tools…”Results in Advance” and “You are NOT your Client”


When we’re done, you’ll have: 

  • A new way of looking at enrolling new clients
  • Proven tactics to enroll, not sell
  • Follow-up tactics million-dollar coaches use every time
  • An outline of the simplest enrollment conversation and “next-step” offer
Business Leadership +1
Marketing Mastermind +1


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Hosted by Erin Loman Jeck
Hosted by Erin Loman Jeck