Steve Gamlin he/him/his
SEE it. BE it. DO it...and laugh along the way!

Since 2005, Steve Gamlin has been blending back-to-basics Positivity and Visualization, teaching his clients (individuals, entrepreneurs and company teams) to SEE their desired outcomes, understand their WHY, & build ACTION PLANS to achieve them via his Vision Board Mastery program, 1-to-1 and Group Coaching, plus Live and Virtual events. 

In addition, Steve has enjoyed a 30-year (so far) career as a radio personality, stand-up comedian and comedy writer, working closely with speakers, presenters and coaching clients to deliver more humor in their social media content, marketing and signature stage-stories. 

PERFECT OPPORTUNITES: Podcasts, virtual summits, in-person events…wherever upbeat energy and a solid message are needed to keep an audience's attention! 


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