Shelley Goldstein
Shelley Goldstein she/her/hers
Speak confidently, memorably and remarkably!

Shelley Goldstein has been on a communications journey for 30 years.  Learning from her own speaking challenges, she realized that everyone can be a leader at every level and experience a true sense of belonging. 

As co-founder of Remarkable SpeakingShelley partnered with NLP and hypnosis coach Mark Bossert, to create a transformational and gamified coaching method serving those who speak to connect, inform, and influence with confidence, clarity and courage.

Shelley and Mark have coached hundreds of people in over forty countries from a vast array of industries. The duo’s unique and fun coaching methods help today’s top business executives and professionals access full self-expression with meaningful and engaging speaking. 

‘It is my belief that everyone is a leader at every level and it is my goal to guide them 

on a journey to be fully seen and lead with empathy and thoughtfulness.’

Unlock your inner voice to perform better, lead with purpose and experience higher levels of engagement and well-being. When you speak remarkably, your seat at the table emerges into a throne. 



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