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Voice Coach & Composer
BA Honours

Schroeder is the CEO & founder of Mic Drop Voice Coaching.  Working with Professionals who use their voice to communicate their message in order to advance their career, who want to come across with confidence, authority and authenticity, so you can crush your talk and have hugely successful profitable presentations from stage…

Have you ever had to sit through a speaker whose content was compelling and something you were interested in, you just couldn’t pay attention because they sounded boring, monotone, screechy or simply lacked confidence? 

You need to have a voice that can engage, inspire and influence your audience more profoundly and powerfully.

Mic Drop Voice Coaching serves professional speakers, business owners, and visionary leaders realize the importance of treating their voice like an instrument so they harness it's potential, better capture the attention of their audiences, and have maximum impact onstage.


He has 25+ under my belt as a voice instructor, helped 100’s of people step into their vocal potential, from stage actors to professional motivational speakers & singers.

Trained with America’s #1 Voice Coach Roger Love,  Schroeder has been hired by the likes of Dan Millman (author of the Peaceful Warrior Saga), and shared stages with icons like Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Forbes Riley etc


You are invited to a complimentary voice break through consultation where you’ll get on the spot tips for how you can access your vocal potential, step into the Truer Than True Version of You,  and bring that larger than life new you into your personal & professional world. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR SPOT TODAY! 




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