Week Of Kindness And Gratitude Gift Giveaway and Summit
Week Of Kindness And Gratitude Gift Giveaway and Summit
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Organizer Toni Kaufman
Week Of Kindness And Gratitude Gift Giveaway and Summit
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Business Education Health & Well-being Leadership Marketing Mindset Therapy
Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Wed, Jan 25, 2023 6:00 PM (8 months 1 day ago)


This is the premier event for industry leaders, speakers, authors, healers, and coaches all coming together to grow their influence, build their list, and be seen as the go-to expert in their field. This is Your Chance to Participate in the Speaking Event of the Season! 


January 22-25, 2023

Benefits of Being a Contributing Speaker:

  • Exposure to at least 50,000 emails in our Network
  • Speak on a stage of 1,000+ attendees
  • 30-45 Minutes Pre-recorded Presentation or Hosted Interviews
  • Super Engaged JV and Referral Communities
  • Membership into the Facebook WOK Private Speakers Group and membership into the Attendee Engagement Groups for Your Daily Events and Challenges
  • Lead Magnet Promotions with swipe copy and graphics
  • Speak to Sell (affiliate commission requested)
  • Featured on Industry Newsletters and Talk Shows
  • "As seen on" credentials provided by our PR experts.
  • Earn 20% Affiliate Commission on VIP Upgrades

Register HERE: https://wok.standoutcenter.com/

Sculpt Your Body, Sculpt Your Brain
Batista Gremaud Founder

Build Your Body With Neuroscience
Presentation Pitch

In this presentation, learn the hidden secrets to upgrading your human potential with strength training, a holistic approach to transforming your life through bodybuilding. We’ll introduce a new paradigm in fitness consciousness, where less pain means more gain, and you will learn to align your fitness regimen with universal principles. Increase the quality of life, productivity, and longevity by aligning your body with your mind, spirit, and heart to become the best you can be. 

Health & Well-being Mindset +2
Health Athletes +46
Success by Design How to Survive & Thrive in Any Economy

In the session the audience  will learn how to use the power of disruptive innovation to launch, grow and build an even more successful business. This powerful talk focuses on building your vision, mission, path & purpose to stay laser focused on achieving your big goals. In addition the content on marketing is priceless as every attendee will learn about 15-20 new FREE tools they can utilize to general new leads, sales, great partnerships & even attract great teams. In this inspiring and interactive session the audience will also learn how to build a local, regional, national or even a global enterprise. The section of this presentation that is powerful for so many attendees is how to build proper daily KPI's as well build the most successful habits ever to win everyday in life & business. For over 20 years Bill has been speaking to small and large groups on how to utilize the most innovative concepts & ideas to create even more success. 

How to Redefine your Purpose and Discover Your Next SoulLife Adventure
Brenda Soucy CEO and Founder SoulLife Adventure

What You will be Covered -

-The Cause of our Results

-Tuning Your Attention

-Longing and Discontent

-Clearly Defined Vision Blueprint

-You Must Decide-Befriend Your Fear

-Re-connect and Focus

Business Education +4
Getting Unstuck with Emotional Self Mastery
Carla Cohen Emotional Alchemist

 Are you feeling stuck?  You have emotions every day, but do you understand their purpose? When you learn how to use them, emotions help you step into flow and ease,  find and follow your purpose and reduce your stress. Integrating your emotions helps raise your frequency which improves your health and and your ability to attract wealth. Emotional Intelligence isn’t just something you measure, it is a real set of actionable skills. Are you EQ curious? Come join us.

Health & Well-being
Communication Personal Development +7
Stop Proposing Marriage on the First Date!
Catharine O'Leary Founder

Do you get the feeling you are jumping the gun? Going from a marketing conversation straight into a sales conversation, whether that's a webinar, discovery call, masterclass, or sales page, without building enough Know, Like and Trust?

The missing link between you marketing and sales strategies is as simple as a conversation! Building in a way to have a conversation with your best clients to learn more about where the are, what they struggle with and what they dream of so you can meet them where they are with your products and services and best serve them is critical to closing the gap between marketing and sales!

Learn more about attracting the best clients that convert to raving fans without proposing marriage on the first date.

A World of Kindness Starts with You
Christopher Salem CEO - Business Acceleration Advisor

Could one person really make the world a better place in both life and business? The answer is, yes! Each of us has an important role in doing so, especially when it comes to kindness. Becoming a kinder person starts by looking inwardly and realizing your true potential.  You will learn the key steps to becoming a kinder version of yourself from within.  You will also learn how the process of controlling what you can control daily while letting go of the rest beyond the control will dramatically shift your thinking and the results you seek.  A shift from leading from intention rather than expectation within your control will serve others through your example and resourcefulness to create more inter dependency rather than codependency in the world.    

Business Coaching
12 Ways Kindness Pays Off in Your Business
Cindy J Holbrook Cindy J, The Visibility Wiz

You'll discover:

  • 12 Ways Kindness Pays Off in Your Business
  • 10 Ways to be Kind
  • How to deal with people that are unkind to you
  • And much more!
3 Key People for Business Growth and Personal Freedom
Dan Kapellen Speaker|Biz Coach|Strategy Architect

Learn who, why, and how 3 types of people will make a huge difference regardless of your business category.

Discover simple formulas for remembering how to create, nurture and get the most out of new relationships when you meet these people.

Business Leadership +2
Personal Development Mindset +23
Here's How The Best Marketers are Using Automation to Grow Their Business
Darin Adams Communication and Marketing Expert

Learn the automation tricks that some of the best entrepreneurs are using to grow their business. New breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are making it easier than ever. See the way to get emails into the inboxes. And learn the foundational tools and techniques that will help you grow faster, make more money and do less work.

Balance Authenticity Today - keeping your promises
David Chametzky Producer, Author, Media Host

While everyone knows I can bring a B.A.T - most don’t yet understand what it really means. Bringing the BAT is all about being your most authentic self as you find peace and love within yourself and then are able to assist others to find it within themselves.

How to use Joint Ventures and Partnerships to Grow Your Business
David Riklan founder of SelfGrowth

How to use Joint Ventures and Partnerships to Grow Your Business During our session, you'll learn how to: 1. How to create an effective system for finding Joint Venture Opportunities and Cross Promotion Partners. 2. How to use Joint Ventures to get guest spots on Podcasts, Telesummits, and Webinars. 3. How to find, leverage and partner with Industry Leaders.

Business Education +1
Business Business Development +3
Debora J Hollick Speaker, Author, Intuitive Consultant

In this presentation, Debora talks about why she feels the what, why, who, when, and how, of THE W.O.W! Concept. She lets us in on how it originally came to be and the importance on why it needs to become a movement. She asks the questions we all just might want to ask ourselves and each other. 

Learn how you can put this concept into immediate action for yourself. 

Interested in how you can become involved in the live in-person and online events to help this and other worthy causes?

Check it out. 

Become part of the THE W.O.W! Movement! 

Mindful Moments: Calm & Center Collection 7 Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations
Diann Alexander Voice & Performance Coach

This form is just for information for the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl recordings info ;) Thank you for the opportunity to speak in June :) It will be amazing!

Quieting the Stress Storm in the Classroom or Home
Dr. Anne Katona Linn Educational Consultant & Coach

The pandemic of 2020 has impacted everyone in different ways. Stress is at one of the highest levels we’ve seen in most of our lifetimes. This impact has hit especially hard in schools. Our goal is to provide school staff (and even families) with practical tools they can use to mitigate stress and create safer school climates (or home).

Education Health & Well-being +1
Education Schools +26
Conscious Entrepreneurship Can Save the World
Dr. Dante Sears Metaphysical Doctor

Calling all humanitarians and philanthropic entrepreneurs: The world is hungry for change. Social consciousness is the new wave of consumerism and business. Together, we can change the transform through business and community outreach.

Global Kindness: Myth or Movement?
Dr. Tina D Lewis International Best-Selling Author

Is Global Kindness achievable? Is is a Myth or. a Movement? The 8 Keys that will help you decide

Creating Influence and Visibility The eZWay
Eric Zuley eZWay Network, CEO & Founder

Best ways to build and community and keep a community growing. Podcasting, Search engine visibility and opportunities like stages and interviews

How to monetize the microphone
Eric Zuley eZWay Network, CEO & Founder

Best ways to build and community and keep a community growing. Podcasting, Search engine visibility and opportunities like stages and interviews

Flash Bugatti Actor/Rapper/Rap Producer/NASCAR Driver

Flash Bugatti, born in South Central Los Angeles, California on April 27th, is an Actor/Rap Artist/Rap Producer/NASCAR driver in the "Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series" & YouTube Creater when his time prohibits. He is a jack of all trades.

He commenced his racing career at the tender, young age of 5 in racing go-karts. His personal focus, outside of the Industry, is about the people, and American youth.

He is a person of peace; a positive force as a motivational speaker; recognizing world-wide need for communication and peace. Loving the entire world by which he is known for his daily motto:" God over Everything."

Flash Bugatti, is a person who has a strong disdain for anything that he perceives as discrimination via color, sexuality, religion, etc. He believes that everyone has a right to pursue their dreams, to coexist, and to be equally acknowledged and respected for whatever career, trade or gift that they can offer the world; like a vibrant rainbow of colors that all look beautiful when combined together, working well in splendid harmony.


He is very involved in local charity events, supporting various organizations too, by which he only speaks about if it's to promote the cause and does not speak about the specifics as his heart is his guide his reward.

He began his acting career at only 4 years old.

He began rapping at the age of 12 & recorded an album called "Seeing is Believing". He later recorded in 2013 "Spazzing" & "This Sh**t is Crazy"




Your Attitude of Gratitude is THE Key
Francois Lupien Performance Enhancer

You are the key to your successful life and I show you where the lock is.
The emotional state you chose to live in determines, to a large extent, the results you get.
You've heard it before: Your Attitude determines Your Altitude.
Until you know the 3 components of Attitude, you are not running on all cylinders.
This dynamic presentation will reveal it's true power - Looking forward to sharing it with you.

Personal Development
The Value of Voice is your Victory
Jackie Bailey International Conversation Coach

“Don’t tell anyone” were the words which silenced the child Jackie Bailey was. When she finally broke the silence as an adult, her hidden value revealed itself. Three little words spoken during various phases of life created trauma, commenced healing, and converted victim to victor. 

Jackie’s presentation includes ways the sufferer can become a savior, and the criminal a casualty. Staying silent is not the answer.

Education Entertainment & Art +3
Education Communication +8
Writing Your Empowering Speaker Biography
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked

Everyone desiring to get in front of an audience to promote themselves, their product/services, their podcasts or other expressions of their work, needs to have a Captivating Short Biography. This concise, but impactful few paragraphs will be the core of your speaker one-sheet, podcast introduction sheet, stage introduction, media introduction and more.

But most people struggle with what actually to write and how to pack it in. This presentation will make Writing Your Empowering Speaker Biography a breeze! Jackie Lapin, the founder of SpeakerTunity®  and an expert in helping leaders get booked on stages, podcasts and more--will show you the formula!   

Manage growth
Jason Spann entrepretainer

Dealing with growth within a business.

How to Change the Lives of Thousands of People
Jay Fairbrother The Mastermind Guy

Want to create more life-changing impact from your expertise? And ADD six-figures of recurring revenue to your business in the process? Jay Fairbrother, The Mastermind Guy, shares his strategies around leveraging your most valuable asset… your time, and creating impactful long-term programs that can change lives… just as it did for him. Learn how to get out of the peaks and valleys created with one-on-one coaching or course launches. Discover how anyone can create a Mastermind or similar Hybrid program to scale your business, serve more people and change lives!

Business Leadership +1
Marketing Client Attraction +11
5 Keys to Rapid Success
Jen Du Plessis The Impact Mentor

Jen Du Plessis is affectionately known as The Impact Mentor and is referred to as the Leading Expert in Creating World Class Teams.  Jen believes it’s time to move from working IN and ON your business to working ABOVE and BEYOND your business.  


Relationships and Networking is the Path to Success
Jeremy McDonald

Building successful relationships can be the biggest factor in building your business, creating success in your life, and in general having a happier life. Think about all the people you do business with and are friends with. Do you not want to do business with your friends and people you can trust before anyone else? This presentation will be on how to overcome personal obstacles we put in our way and prevent us from having that successful and joyous life we are all looking for…


Want to build your business? Spiritual Practice than it through networking and relationships.

The Profit of Kindness
Jill Lublin 4x Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Master Publicity Strategist

Discover how to master the art of building trusted, long-lasting relationships, through open, non-adversarial interaction that result in mutually beneficial outcomes. Based on her best-selling book, “Profit of Kindness,” Jill Lublin will guide you in connecting with others using “kindness” as a valuable asset. A basic adjustment in attitude and approach can substantially improve virtually every facet of your personal and business life.

Take-Aways - Objectives

Jill will share specific examples for improving skills such as communication, building integrity, influencing others, and more. As a result of this interactive presentation you will: 

 • learn strategies to boost your credibility and amplify your visibility as a business owner

 • understand the benefits of focusing on giving and working with others

 • improve communication skills 

 • build integrity 

 • influence others 

Forever Is Not Enough
John Michael Ferrari Singer Songwriter Entertainer

John Michael Ferrari performs his expressive love song/wedding song “forever is not enough” for the Week of Kindness and Gratitude audience. John Michael originally wrote this song for his friend’s wedding.

How You Can Easily 3X Your Income Without Investing In Extra Ad Spend
Josiah Belog

At age 19, Josiah started his first 7-figure business – a sales company that included over a dozen locations in seven states employing over 50 individuals. Since then, he has helped his clients generate hundreds of millions in sales, been the social voice of celebrities, written for multibillion dollar companies in top-selling magazines, and branded & developed multimillion dollar Silicon Valley startups alongside executives who made massive tech giants like Microsoft, AT&T, and NVIDIA. His client list includes Hollywood Directors and Celebrities, New York Square’s Massive Visual Ad Firms, Television Advertisement Agencies, Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Fortune100 Corporate Executives, Angel Investors, Digital Marketing Gurus, and Thought Leaders. He is an investor in residential & commercial real estate, a partner in over a dozen successful companies, and a mentor to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, and celebrities who are looking to build and expand 7 & 8-figure companies through transformative personal growth and business development. He is a sought-after speaker who has shared the stage with Self Development Leaders like Jack Canfield and Les Brown. His mantra is “My dream is to help you make yours come true!”

Lessons in Resilience from a Lone Survivor
Joy Cooper Keynote Speaker

When everything you are working towards seems to be crashing around you, how can you rise above? Joy shares her first-hand knowledge and practices to overcome and rise above the challenges in our lives. Her story and experiences provide inspiration and practical steps to be resilient and overcome adversity. 

Business Leadership +1
Resilience Leadership
The Roadmap to Success
Juliette Bastian Bastian CEO

What C.A.R.TM are you driving to your “Success” destination?

This presentation is an overview of a comprehensive guide on how to achieve success by connecting actions to results. The presentation is based on the C.A.R.TM framework, which serves as the roadmap for creating a plan to move from your current state to your desired state and taking clear, actionable steps towards achieving your goals. In addition, it incorporates various success principles and strategies that have been proven effective in a wide range of industries. This roadmap will show you how to navigate the path to success and reach your destination by following a clear set of steps. Whether you're an individual or an organization, this presentation is an ideal opportunity to learn how to achieve success through strategic planning and focused action. With the Roadmap to Success in hand, you will be able to chart your course to success with confidence.

Why I am a Lightworker
Kari Whitman Lightworker & Crystal Jewelry

So many beautiful souls need Lightworkers to help them with their energy needs. Energy needs to be balanced. If the energy isn't balanced you can have illness, depression, and a number of other issues. I have the ability to help with that and help people get theirs lives back! I love that I have that ability. People don't really realized just how much their energy effects their lives. I love that I can help with that. The energy comes naturally to my hands and I have the blessing to help others! That is why I became a Lightworker.

Business Health & Well-being +1
Business Intuition +1
Publishing myths - Busted!
Karina Kantas Author Assist

Ever wanted to write a book but didn't start because you've heard horror stories about the industry?  Well, I'm here to tell you the truth about publishing and what you can expect. Where to go and how to publish correctly. Giving your book the greatest chance of success and climbing those Amazon charts.

Entertainment & Art
Book Publishing
How To Live Young & Restless
Kate Linder Actress & Philanthropist

How To Live Young & Restless

The Four Stages Entrepreneurs MUST Leverage in order to 10X Their Influence
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

Kimberly Crowe is the founder of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel and co-founder of Speakers Playhouse.  Her passion is to get entrepreneurs and speakers seen and heard in a bigger way by getting them connected with the stages, the people and the opportunities they need to massively grow their revenue and reach.  From virtual to in-person stages, live stages, podcasts, web summits, webinars, Facebook Live, YouTube shows and TV there are shows and stages with audiences that need your message. "Because if you aren’t being seen, you’re being overlooked!"  

Let’s get you connected and out on stages so that you can get your message out and stop being overlooked!

Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, is an active community of entrepreneurs looking to connect, contribute, and grow with other entrepreneurs.

Speakers Playhouse is a gathering of speakers and stage hosts – having fun and sharing their passions.  Come meet with us weekly and join the fun!

Kimberly is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, six-time entrepreneur, best-selling author and audio book producer, and a joint venture master connector. Her superpower is turning dreams into reality.

Kimberly is also the mother of two and an adventure seeker, who has hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, navigated Class IV rapids with one of Costa Rica's female Olympic medal-winning whitewater champions, sailed down the coast of Mexico on a 42-foot Yankee Clipper, and traversed 200 miles on horseback through Canada’s Jasper National Park.  Her motto is “live life out loud”

The Transformation Mindset: From Solopreneur To CEO
Lee Hodgins President

How do you transform and scale a business? It all begins with you! Without the evaluation of why you’re doing what you’re doing and whether or not what you’re doing is actually working for your business, then you will be setting yourself up for possible failure in your business growth. Let me ask you a question: How many solo-prenuers and small business owners have been taught that working alone, often without the financial, business knowledge and emotional support that would naturally be present in larger businesses, is a positive thing? This is the fundamental issue that you are probably facing right now in your own business growth! Up to now, you’ve learned to rely totally on your own wits, brainpower, stamina and intuition to move your business forward. You’ve learned to be highly resourceful in securing the funds, expertise, contacts and whatever else you needed, in growing your business. Up to now – It’s all been on you! I’m here to tell you, in order to take your business to its next level of growth, you must now learn a new set of skills.

Business Leadership +1
Entrepreneurship Business Development +6
Create Your Own Stage (Host It, Fill It, Profit)
Linda Cain CEO / Founder

If you are doing your first event, or you are a seasoned host looking for strategies focusing on key activities that drives revenues, fills events & creates extraordinary experiences then you will want to listen in as Linda explores the wonderful world of events, which are the number 1 way to quickly increase revenues.  It starts with Creating Your Own Stage and building from there.  This does NOT mean you have you have to dive into a large 3-Day Enrollment Live Event, or a fancy retreat (though we LOVE these events), it simply means you have to have a place to get started or to expand into. 

Linda will talk about the different kinds of events, which ones might be right for you and dive into key tips for successful, profitable and engaging events.  

Education Hospitality +4
Client Attraction Virtual Events +15
The Business of Spirituality
Lisa Brewer CEO & Founder

Yes, spirituality is (like it or not) big business.  Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent every year on self-help, self-improvement, meditation, breathwork, coaching and many other holistic healing options.  We are walking away from Western medicine and embracing ancestral and traditional methods of healing.  But with that, comes a lot of responsibility, and in some cases, angst about being true to oneself and purpose.  Let's discuss this together!

'JOOSH' up your look with Passionate Colour
Lyn Temperley

I talk to the all important CONNECTION; whether in person or on zoom. Essentially, if you live your life wearing black, grey and boring beige, you will find it difficult to connect. Whereas wearing COLOUR elevates your spirit and energy. I will absolutely enrich your life with the art of passionate'JOOSHING'; and I cant wait to meet you!

Build Credibility as a Master in Your Industry in Just 3 Months
Mack Abbott Public Relations Expert

Learn how to stand out and build an unbreakable reputation with the best PR tactics. We will go over what press materials, contacts, and systems you should have in place to build your brand's credibility in 2023. 

Business PR & Communications
Communication SEO +17
Public Speaking Myth Busters: Do's and Don'ts
Marla Press Igniter of Speakers on Fire

We'll have fun busting public speaking myths such as resist fear, project your voice, memorize your speech, focus on not saying "um," be likeable, more is better, and think about good speaking techniques. Surprise! This is not your typical public speaking class. Marla will talk about what not to do. Then she'll show you what to do in order to be a magnetic, impactful, trusted communicator. This is essential if you want to attract more clients, promote your business, speak on stages, or speak up in any situation. 

Business Education +2
Communication Client Attraction +8
Importance of IMDb presence.
Matt J Doyle eZWay IMDb Director

Matt J. Doyle was born in Australia and migrated to America in 2003. He is now an American Citizen. Prior to his acting and producing career in Hollywood, California, United States of America, Matt studied performing arts in the early 1990s at The Actors Center Australia. He also started his martial arts training in Muay Thai Kickboxing at the same time. He then achieved a Diploma of Modeling. Matt J. Doyle has been intensively trained at Aaron Speiser, Margie Haber, Ivana Chubbuck Acting Studios. He has also worked on several mainstream productions, as well as student and indie films, where he learned filmmaking and how to produce his own productions, in addition to his acting career. Matt is currently the eZWay IMDb Director and eZWay Wall of Fame Agent.

Michael D. Butler Your Story to The World - With Your Book

In this session I will show YOU HOW to write find your life message and write your book title, subtitle and outline in less than an hour. Who is your reader listening to right now? What are they reading? How to triangulate your avatar and pen the words they crave. 

Book Writing
How To Stop Getting Angry, Irritated and Upset
Mort Orman, M.D. CEO, Free Yourself From Anger & Stress

Discover the secret to getting rid of anger and irritability without needing to use anger management techniques, which don’t work all that well anyway. Find out how Dr. Mort Orman went from being an angry guy in his 20s and 30s to having little or no anger for the past 40 years…and how you can do the same.

Let's Go Live on LinkedIn!
Olivia Vo Savvy Social Strategist

The benefits of going live on LinkedIn to create video content 

Business Marketing +1
Media Business Development +1
Living Your Best Dash!
Patti Stueland Pathways with Patti Chief Pathfinder

Can you say you are living your best life? I can and will go one step further…I am living my best dash! When you go to a cemetery, and you see someone's headstone, there is a date of birth, a dash mark, and a date of death. That dash represents that person's time here on earth. When you see that dash mark, what does it say to you about that person's time here on earth? Were they just a body taking up space? Or were they someone making a difference in their part of the world? YOUR LIFE MATTERS! “We should certainly count our blessings, but we should also make our blessings count.” ~ Neal A. Maxwell. Join my session and learn how you can start living your best dash!!! Life's an Adventure, Enjoy the Journey!

Life Purpose Coaching
How to Reach a Bigger Audience with Your Life Changing Message For Free and With No List
Ronnie Tsunami Founder and CEO of Rock You Academy

There are many people who have overcome some major challenges in health, relationships and other areas, and want to share their lessons learned with others, but don't have the resources to reach more people.  In this presentation, Ronnie Tsunami discusses several ways to reach a wider audience and get more referrals even if you don't have a lot of resources, such as money or an email list.  

What the heck is Spiritual Fertility!?
Sage the Intuitive Spiritual Fertility

You've heard of Spirituality. You've heard of Fertility. What the heck is Spiritual Fertility!? 


Let's face it, fertility struggles is an uncomfortable topic. Did you know that ‘fertility’ challenges aren't just for those looking to bare children? Fertility is defined as the quality of being able to produce. Current and new business owners are growing and trying to produce quality goods and services. Yet, there are times where you get stuck. No matter what you're trying to produce being spiritually balanced and healthy is important. 


During this talk, Dr. Sage will discuss how she uses Spirit Baby communication to unlock ‘Fertility’ blockages. This talk will focus on how spirituality and fertility can intersect with tools and the right Guides. Regardless of what your ‘baby’ is, you will gain insight on how Spiritual Fertility can impact your life.  

“Vocal Impact: Why You Need to Harness the Power in Your Voice NOW”
Schroeder Nordholt Voice Coach & Composer

Your voice is the clearest and most direct path or gateway to your audience & customers’ understanding of you, connection to you, & ability to know love & trust you!! A clear and confident voice is critical for having influence over your audience and making the change in the world we’re each here to make.

Entertainment & Art Health & Well-being +3
Personal Development Personal Growth +9
You Are the CEO of Your Life
Sharon Lechter Financial Literacy Expert

Sharon Lechter shares how to be the CEO of Your Life by being kind to yourself so you can show up stronger and more effectively for others.

5 Weeks to Mind-Body Balance
Sherilyn Carlton Carlton Coaching & Healing

Sherilyn knows intimately the well of deep love and heavy pain that haunts the house when your life partner descends into the abyss of mental illness. As the hub of the family and desperate for support, she found only twigs and branches. Now, armed with both intimate understanding and life changing tools, Sherilyn’s on a mission to make sure no one in her shoes has to search for help and come up wanting. Tune in to hear her story and how Sherilyn meets you in the tunnel of burnout and walks with you into healing and recovery, using her 5-step mind-body process.

How To Stay Positive When The World Feels Negative
Shiraz Baboo Reality Interventionist

In this talk you will learn how to stay positive when the world feels negative.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Spiritual Growth Spiritual Development +7
American Comedy Film talk
Spencer Cadigan Actor,writer,producer of American Comedy

American Comedy Film talk

The Keys To The Fountain Of Youth
Stephen Hercy International Body Designer

In this presentation, you will learn: 


✅ The keys to the fountain of youth

✅ What your chiropractor or personal trainer is not telling you about being pain-free sustainably

✅ The effect of lifestyle on your relationships

✅ The most misunderstood principle to achieve the fitness results you desire and deserve

✅ The Yin/Yang of strength training

✅ The misconceptions and truths about weight loss


We'll discuss the three overlooked principles of a successful training program.

  1. Mindset
  2. Environment
  3. Eduction
Health & Well-being Mindset +2
Health Athletes +46
Being Grateful Through Cancer
Tammy Rader Best-Selling Author

There is NOTHING like the moment you FIRST hear the diagnosis ... then comes the SEDOND one, just over a month later. At first I asked, "Why Me, then I thought about it and came up with, "Why NOT Me?" It took me a little bit to realize, there is still a bright future ahead of your diagnosis (and I'm here to help you find it.) That's where the Gratitude comes in ... BeYOUtiful is a celebration of life. No matter where you are in your journey. Even with the continued ups and downs of my health journey, I focus on as much of the positive as possible. You're BeYOUtiful in every moment throughout the highs, lows and everything in between.

See & Heal Your Blind Spots for Success, Love & Empowerment
Tiffany Cano Blind Spot Healer & CEO

Have you read many books, attended courses, had training and counseling, worked with powerful healers, mentors and teachers and yet there are areas of your life that aren't matching your vision and goals? 

When you learn to heighten your intuition and get clarity, it will show you exactly how to upgrade your life. It may also reveal hidden blocks in your blindspot that have been holding you back. Blindspots are often deep within your subconscious right next to your brilliance. 

Learn practical, useful and insightful tools that will immediately boost your sales, confidence and divine connection. 

Turning up the volume on your intuition can 10x your prosperity, boost your vitality and bring tremendous joy. 

If you a YES to refining and strengthening your intuition, watch this talk asap!

Education Health & Well-being +2
Education Health +10
Hot Core Secrets to Mastering the Speaking Game
Toni Kaufman Founder and CEO

If I had a nickel for how many times I have heard this …  “I've been speaking all my life put me on stage!” 
Building a successful speaking business takes time and effort, dedication, and practice but with the right mentor, strategy and approach, it can be a rewarding and profitable venture. Here are a few steps you can take to get started:

Communication Advertising +95
Why They Buy
Tonya White Money & Mindset Strategist

Connection - to be seen, heard, and understood affects us in all aspects of our lives. Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in business, and in life.  “Why They Buy” is about Buy-ology, the science behind buying behavior.  Don't miss this revolutionary, game-changing idea designed to help supercharge your income up to 300%!

Business Leadership +2
Marketing Sales +5
Energy & Paradigms with Yun Rhee
Yun Rhee Founder and CEO of The Elevated Human Ex

Learn how to unlock your true self by understanding energy and paradigms!

Accelerate Productivity & Profit with One Small Change
Yvonne B McCoy Woman's business Strategist

Accelerate Productivity and Profit with One Small Change


It’s not what you think. It doesn’t matter how fast you are going if you are headed in the wrong direction! 


Did you know that One Small Change can shift your life’s success journey forever? It is having a strategic legacy mindset.  


Start by recognizing how real productivity is different than you think. You are not paid to check things off a list. You are paid to think. 


Then understand how the normal but frustrating challenges all entrepreneurs face effects your business. These are just the surface issues.


Under the surface, you can start by facing the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging and robbing your business and you of your lifelong purpose. Learn concepts that you can start using right away. 


To get the results you want, you have to a clear vision of possibilities and where you want to go. Clarify your values, beliefs and ultimately who you are so they are reflected in your business.


Dead Reckoning, what you want to be remembered for at your 100th birthday, is like having your own GPS . It helps you make better and faster decisions to steer your business during times of chaos to sustainable goals.


Growth is an experiment. Use it to build confidence to harness fear and failure to get the productivity and profit outcome that you deserve faster.  What are you waiting for?

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