Sandra Costello she/her/hers
I help women bravely step into their power.

Hello, I'm Sandra and I love you already! I am a Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer. My superpower is putting my clients at ease while holding space for you to be your best self. I take professional yet approachable photographs that capture your essence. 

If you're anything like my amazing clients, you want to look like the expert you are yet appear approachable, which means you need to feel comfortable and at ease during your session. I give you the space to be all of that with an extra sprinkle of fabulousness. Pinky promise.

I believe in caring for yourself as a way of caring for those you love. When you feel you’re living true to who you are, you’re more open and available for others. You’re also more relaxed and radiant, which makes for great photos - so I make it my business to give you space to be yourself.


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