Sage the Intuitive
Dr. Sage the Intuitive she/her/hers
Spiritual Womb Care Coach | Intuitive Tarot Reader | Reiki
Doctor of Metaphysics and Divinity | Reiki Master Teacher

Dr. Sage, affectionately known as Sage the Intuitive (she/her), is a heyoka empath, Reiki Master Teacher, intuitive coach and tarot reader. She is also a certified Spiritual Counselor and Energy Practitioner (Healer). Dr. Sage specializes in spiritual fertility, reiki, spirit baby communication, soul connections, twin flame alignment, love, encouragement, and energy readings. 


Dr. Sage coaches clients who may have experienced loss, are having trouble conceiving, as well as those wanting a deeper connection with their Spirit Baby Guides, regardless of if they are in child-bearing stages or have no desire to have children at all. Dr. Sage coaches on how to connect with your spirit baby so that, if desired, they manifest into 3D reality.


For others, she helps clients connect with their spirit baby in a way to raise their vibrations and live the life they truly deserve to live, utilizing the baby as a guide.


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