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Helping brands focus their message so leads become customers
Brand Messaging, Marketing Strategy, Communications Consult

Ryan Holck is a speaker, author, marketer, and brand messaging strategist. He has over 20 years of experience in helping brands tell their story both in person and online.

As creator of the Distill Your Story framework, Ryan has a focused process to help brands:

  • Identify the Story you need to share that brings clarity to your business message and marketing
  • Distill your Story into high-proof messaging that increases engagement and grows revenue
  • Map a Strategic Plan for sharing your story with your ideal audience both online and in-person

His expertise spans across various industries from family-run brick and mortar businesses, to coaches and consultants, online digital magazines, multimillion-dollar green energy firms and statewide nonprofits.

Ryan is available to talk at your virtual or live event about:

  1. Clarifying your brand message so you can speak and act with authority
  2. 3 Stories you need to engage your audience and move them to action
  3. Crafting a 30-second intro story that makes a lasting impression
  4. Website messaging and strategies to get leads and drive sales


Connect with Ryan at https://distillyourstory.com/get-started/

Get his resourceUnlocking Clarity: 3 Steps to Creating an Effective Marketing Story at https://distillyourstory.com/dys/dys-checklist/

Join his free FB Marketing Community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/highproofmarketing


These are example talks for Ryan Holck

Create a Winning Business Website:  8 Essentials to Engage Visitors and Boost Sales

Your business website is the virtual front door of your business. It has the potential to engage people at a deep level or, to turn them off and send them running in seconds.

Unfortunately, the website many small businesses and solopreneurs work so hard to build ends up chasing people away.

If visitors are coming to your website and immediately bouncing away without taking action. Without becoming a sales lead. Without contacting you. Then you have a problem.

There are 8 essential elements that can dramatically change how website visitor engage and take action on your website. 


Business Marketing
Business Business Development +4
Crafting Clear Introduction and Referral Stories for your Business

Impressions matter, and they last.

Without them, your business will have an uphill climb to be successful.

So how do you make sure to leave the best impression possible with people?

It starts with clarity. You've got to be so clear about your offers and the outcomes you provide that you (and others) can talk about it at a moments notice.

So let's get super practical and talk about 2 ways to connect people to your brand story.

  1. A Clear Introduction Story
  2. A Repeatable Referral Story


“I wanted you to know that your talk was the reason I was in this room. I've been struggling with my messaging for a LONG time. I couldn't unlock it, I couldn't clarify it... Ironic since I help so many find clarity themselves. But your talk unlocked so much! Thank you.” M.J.J. at The Thing Orlando 2023


Business Leadership +3
Business Business Coaching +11
Target First Marketing: Hitting the Bullseye with Your Audience

In the age of digital marketing, businesses have excelled at marketing TASKS and failed at marketing STRATEGY.

And it's killing businesses.

It's time to get back to marketing basics to make sure your marketing is built on a plan that can scale and grow with you.

There are 5 foundational things you must have in place for your marketing to hit the bullseye with your audience.

Business Education +4
Business Business Consulting +14