3rd Digital Marketing Edge Summit
3rd Digital Marketing Edge Summit
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Organizer Dumont Owen
3rd Digital Marketing Edge Summit
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Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Mar 15, 2024 8:00 PM (2 weeks 1 day from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Friday, 1 March, 11:30 PM



Are you passionate about digital marketing? Join the 3rd Digital Marketing Edge Summit, a transformative event spanning from March 13 to 15, 2024, commencing at 12:00 PM and concluding at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Shape the future of the industry by contributing your insights and strategies.



Be part of our collaborative effort to expand reach, leveraging extensive marketing initiatives, including mailing lists, social media, and promotional tools. Become a recommended expert on our digital marketing app, amplifying your influence within the community.



Deliver your message seamlessly using StreamYard technology, backed by dedicated technical support for a polished presentation.



Seize the stage to attract clients, showcase your services, and expand your mailing list. We recommend VIP gifts to spotlight your offerings to eager prospects.



We handle logistics, materials, software, and event management, allowing you to focus solely on making a meaningful impact.



Maximize exposure through promotions, receive a digital copy of your interview, and participate in our post-summit gift giveaway for additional visibility.



Reserve your slot now to become an integral part of a vibrant community of speakers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers. Together, let's shape the future of digital marketing at the 3rd Digital Marketing Edge Summit.


To actively promote the event, kindly send a minimum of three emails from March 7 to March 13, specifying the days on the speakers' registration link. Your active participation is crucial for the success of this dynamic summit.


To actively promote the event, kindly send a minimum of three emails from March 7 to March 13, specifying the days on the speakers' registration link. 


Your active participation is crucial for the success of this dynamic summit.

Taming the Tech Monster - The Only 2 Ways To Get Yourself Into Tech Trouble, Even If You're Tech Savvy
Anke Herrmann Taming the Tech Monster

Online tech can feel like a jungle - easy to get lost and predators lurking behind every vine.

You want to create online programs (or courses, challenges, summits, memberships, podcasts) that allow you to impact more people and earn more without working more.

But when you look at all the options, when you listen to all the (conflicting) messages you’re bombarded with, you either freeze, or you rush out - yet again - wasting time and money on tech tools that promise to take care of tech for you but never do.

It’s overwhelming and it's frustrating. After all, you just want to offer 5-star service to your clients, not wrestle tech or have boring admin tasks suck the soul out of you. 

The good news is, there IS method to the madness. There are really only two ways you can get yourself into tech trouble but there IS a roadmap you can follow. 

Knowing what to focus on in what (unexpected) order will make all the difference for you. After all, with a clear path ahead of you, you’ll take action, and it’s the actions you take that build your online business, one step at a time, YOUR way.


Book Success Guaranteed! The Art and Science of Writing a Lead-Generating, Client-Attracting, World-Changing Book
Ben Gioia Book Coach, Strategist, and Advisor

Nine out of 10 books don’t work. Instead, find out what it takes to help you attract 2X-5X-10X more money and create more impact with your message. Because your book is a gift to the world. And this is how to make it unforgettable! Then when people realize they have a “problem”, they will immediately think of you for the solutions and support they need. Plus you can stop competing for business, grow a business that’s aligned with who you are, and attract your best opportunities with a world-class book.

Marketing Mindset +1
Book Editing and Layout Book Launches +3
Why Your Marketing Sucks and How To Fix It
Chris Burns Coach, Consultant, Podcaster

In today’s competitive digital arena, a well-crafted content strategy isn’t just beneficial. It’s essential and is likely your missing link.

Chris will guide you through the essentials of effective marketing strategy while making it so easy it’s fun again. He’ll also tackle the challenges of creating impactful content. Discover the content format, from detailed long-form to engaging short-form, and master the balance between documenting and creating fresh content.

Learn how to never run out of content inspiration and understand your audience like never before with Facebook Insights. We’ll assist in setting clear goals, developing a streamlined content calendar, crafting a compelling positioning statement, and my ten ingredients for a rock-solid marketing strategy. 


Join us for a session packed with actionable insights, culminating in a Q&A to address your specific queries. My goal is that you walk away empowered to take your marketing to new heights.


Utilize Interactive Video Marketing and more to grow your business
Daniel Sternklar President

1. Introduction

2. Understanding Interactive Video Marketing

Definition and key components of interactive video marketing
The evolution of video marketing to interactive video

3. Benefits of Interactive Video Marketing

Increased engagement and viewer participation
Enhanced customer experience and satisfaction
Improved conversion rates and ROI
Data collection and insights for targeted marketing

4. Key Strategies in Interactive Video Marketing

Storytelling and narrative techniques
Incorporating interactive elements (e.g., clickable links, quizzes, branching scenarios)
Personalization and customization strategies
Integration with social media and other digital platforms

5. Beyond Video: Other Innovative Marketing Techniques

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in marketing
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for personalized marketing

6. Implementing Interactive Video Marketing in Your Business

Creating a script. 

7. Conclusion

Business IT consulting and services +4
Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing +9
Build Your Brand in Bits & Bytes
Dumont Owen Master Personal/Digital Brand Strategist

In this presentation, we'll take a deep dive into personal branding and how to use your brand to attract more clients using LinkedIn.

You’ll learn:
The key elements of a powerful personal brand.
How to create your personal brand
How to create a fully branded LinkedIn profile.
How to promote your brand on LinkedIn in as little as 30 minutes a day.
How to use creator mode effectively

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to build a powerful brand and create a consistent flow of leads using LInkedIn.

Business Education +2
LinkedIn LinkedIn Marketing +2
How To Attract Your Ideal Clients To Make Money With Podcasting
Erik Johnson Podcast Talent Coach

Discover why podcasting is the most powerful platform today (even more than YouTube).

Master the challenges most coaches face when attracting their ideal clients.

Walk away with three powerful ways to attract your ideal clients.

Business Marketing
Content Marketing Podcasting
Virtual mastery presentation
Lion Fludd Virtual mastery presentation

As a sought-after speaker, Lion Fludd brings a wealth of knowledge on how to separate oneself in the virtual space and achieve unparalleled success online. With a dynamic and engaging speaking style, [Your Name] captivates audiences by providing actionable insights, practical strategies, and innovative techniques to navigate the challenges of the digital world.


🚀 Key Topics:

Digital Differentiation: Learn how to set yourself apart from the digital crowd by crafting a unique and authentic online presence.

Strategic Branding: Discover the art of strategic branding to create a powerful and cohesive online identity that resonates with your audience.

Virtual Networking Mastery: Uncover the secrets to building meaningful connections in the virtual realm and expanding your professional network.

Content that Captivates: Explore the art of creating compelling content that not only grabs attention but leaves a lasting impression.

Uniquely Boost Your Amazon Book Sales
Paulette Ensign The Tips Product Strategist

Savor this opportunity to learn how to:

  • Market Your Book and Make Money  Before a Word is Written
  • Expand Your Product Line Reusing the Same Content
  • Identify and Connect with Your Amazon Book Customers to Sell Them More

Selling thousands of copies of your book on Amazon is ---leaving money on the table since you are clueless about who they are. Since they are interested enough in your book to buy it, stay in touch to offer them more of what you've got. Discover high-integrity lucrative ways to do exactly that! 

Info Products Book Marketing +10
6-Step Blueprint to Expand Your Revenue Streams
Ramesh Dewangan Business Growth Specialist

In this presentation, attendees will explore a strategic blueprint essential for diversifying and expanding revenue streams in today's volatile market. 

This talk delves into the necessity of regularly evaluating business models, the power of content monetization aligned with business goals, and the strategic setup of content delivery, including pricing and tiering. It further navigates through creating high-converting sales pages, underscores the importance of multi-channel promotion, and the critical role of customer feedback in enhancing business offerings. 

The session is enriched with compelling industry statistics, such as businesses seeing a 50% higher engagement rate with well-planned content strategies and the significant impact of tiered pricing strategies on revenue. 

Through real-world examples and actionable insights, attendees will understand how to systematically identify, develop, and optimize new revenue opportunities, ensuring they are equipped with practical strategies to apply toward business growth and resilience.

Business Family & Parenting +3
Health Communication +2
Your Message is Money! Want More Money?
Steve Feld Business/Marketing Strategist

Most business owners have no real strategy when marketing their business. Businesses claim they have tried “everything” when it comes to marketing and says, “nothing works.” The reason it doesn’t work is your message. That is why your marketing is costing you money and not making you money. 

Start getting a high return on your marketing/advertising investment.  In this presentation, you will learn 3 crucial steps to market your business more effectively. These proven strategies can be used to generate immediate cash flow while tripling the number of your leads, conducting more transactions, improving your conversion ratio, and more than doubling your profits. Target your market with a message that resonates with them. Be the expert in your industry and not be part of the pack.

3 Learning Objectives:

  1. Market your business with a definite purpose
  2. Discover how your message needs to speak to your customers
  3. Connect with your target market
Maximize Your Sales With a 24/7 Virtual Salesperson
Tyneshia Dise Web Designer

In the presentation, you will learn how optimizing your website will increase your sales potential. I'll show you how optimization turns your website into a virtual salesperson, attracting and converting customers even when you're not online. You'll gain insights into key principles like improving search engine visibility, enhancing user experience, and using effective SEO strategies. By the end, you'll understand why website optimization is crucial for driving sales, keeping customers happy, and staying ahead of online competition.

Design Marketing
Sales Digital Marketing +2