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Ramona Mooney has been guided by her Intuition since childhood, through a long entrepreneurial professional life into a rich, rewarding older age. She helps people find peace-of-mind and a center that resists all forms of emotional trauma. She networks with environmental groups and brings the wisdom of indigenous peoples to the masses. She connects people by their gut-level connection to Mother Nature. 

Our book, Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition, Guidance To Go Beyond Limits for Exceptional Results. My co-author is Krishna Mohan of Genius Visionary, Inc. on LinkedIn.


We are circling the globe with this message about our common and natural sixth sense. It needs daily exercise in order to strengthen and reap all its benefits of your natural, human being sense of Intuition.

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To go beyond limits, she empathizes and compassionately helps people with:

  • Physical brain healing and cognitive issues
  • Social interaction skills
  • Self control of thoughts
  • Self Knowledge for a life of fulfillment
  • Ancient wisdom

Together Ramona Mooney and Krishna Mohan wrote:

Tapping Into the Power of Your Intuition illustrating the value of confidently following one’s Intuition and the amazing places it will take you. Intuition will increase your strength, aligning us with a healthy environment.

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Ramona completed her BA at Michigan State University in Clothing and Textiles, Retailing with a Cross-Cultural Emphasis. She has an art degree from The Laguna Beach School of Art, exclusive study with the artists of the German Bauhaus School where Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Laszlo Nagy teachings brought color and design to its base psychological influences.

Raised in the Detroit suburbs she traveled to Hawaii, studying with Serge Kahili King learning the philosophy of Huna. She also took the time to complete sales training sessions with Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar.

Ramona has studied therapeutic massage therapies and practiced professionally in California where she also learned about the body’s energy fields, known as Chakras and Meridians.

Later she served on the board of The Women’s Council of Washtenaw County, where she took charge of fundraising.  For thirty years she ran Michigan’s Mom Sewing Services, a design workroom based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She became a John Maxwell Team Member in 2019, A Founding Member of The Brain Revolution in 2021 certified with Dr. Daniel Amen's Brain Scan Research and Dr. Jos. McClendon III Neuro-Encoding Specialists Certification.  She has lifetime access to Maxwell's, Amen's and McClendon's ongoing research.


A wider perspective will calm you and reward you with far more opportunities including the confidence you need.


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Problem Solving for The Masses

Without active management of our own inner thoughts we are highly subject to living by someone else's life. It is a matter of knowing the steps and having a toolbox for managing our own thoughts. From a place of control, we can learn to create the reality we desire. Too many people are giving-up on getting what they want out of life. It is a choice to take control once again. Gentle care of our subconscious mind together with our conscious minds' control.  

In my book written together with Krishna Mohan, Genius Visionary, Inc. we explain the necessary loving relationship needed between our subconscious and our conscious minds. Once these two lovingly come together, you are able to meet our book, Tapping Into The Power of Your Intuition.

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