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Author. Keynote Speaker. Dancer. Embodiment Guide/Leader

Phoebe Leona's mission is to offer deeper experiences for people to have a greater sense belonging. She is an award-winning author, TEDx Speaker, dancer, yoga teacher (500-ERYT), entrepreneur, and Embodiment Leader. 

As the founder of The nOMad Collective and co-founder of TRIBE Military Yoga, Phoebe teaches leaders how to lead with empathy and heart-centered guides how to step into their power. Phoebe is also passionate about her modality, Mvt109™  that guides people to experience their emotional tapestry. Check out her podcast, nOMad’s The Space in Between, or her book, Dear Radiant OneAn Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide.



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Our Body Knows: Embrace Your Story

Have you ever been blindsided by a major event in your life? You may want to ask your body if it knew it before it happened. 

The question is, if you knew what your body knew, would you make different choices in your life to live in alignment with your soul’s desires?

From over 20 years of being a somatic/movement teacher, Phoebe Leona shares how to listen to the stories you carry in your body. This transformational experience is filled with tons of valuable information with easy and tangible practices to guide you to live in alignment with clarity and confidence. 

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