Peter Russell he/him/his
10X your success with predictable and dependable results!

Peter is the founder of Peter Russell Consulting, helping entrepreneurs get their products and services to buyers in the shortest time possible.


10X Business coach, International public speaker and mentor helping other entrepreneurs develop the right mindset, learn how to get, keep and multiply attention, dominate their marketplace, and hire the best talent to help them fulfil their mission and change the world.


Millions of ambitious and motivated professionals around the world are starting a business every day to solve a problem affecting themselves, their families, friends or communities. Yet 78% of those businesses fail in the first 5 years because there's a difference between solving a problem and running a successful business.

It's not about the 2% they already knew or the 2% they were able to learn on the go, but about the 96% they didn't even know they should know before it came back to bite them.


My job is to help businesses learn, implement and execute high-efficiency strategies to produce predictable and record-breaking results.


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