Paulette Ensign
Paulette Ensign she/her/hers
The Tips Content Strategist

Tips are too valuable to only give away. Paulette Ensign, The Tips Content Strategist, teaches Subject Matter Experts to substantially monetize their tips. Corporate and Non-Profit organizations buy wholesale and license tips booklets, audios, card decks, puzzles, and other on and offline formats as unique promotional and educational tools. She personally sold over two million tips booklet copies she wrote in 1991, in various languages and formats without a penny on advertising. 

Paulette delivers informative and entertaining virtual and in-person keynotes and workshops.   

Entrepreneurial and enterprise topics:

  • Monetize Your Tips Content
  • Someday I'll Write a Book…or Not
  • Wrote Book…So What?
  • Market Your Events with Valuable Sound Bites
  • Differentiate Your Educational Marketing for Corporations and Non-Profits

Tips Products Publishing Agency provides speaking, consulting, and relevant services. A former US East Coaster, Paulette moved to San Diego, CA in 1996, where snow is a choice --she opts out! She refuses to get old as she gets older. It's working!! 



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