Paula Kent she/her/hers
Author of Heroic Choices | Researcher | Rebelle Soul
Master of Arts Tourism Management | Writer| Researcher

Paula Kent is a researcher, writer, and lifelong learner who is endlessly curious. At the age of fifty-three, Paula discovered her passion for research and writing after leaving the relatively conventional career in retail banking and leapt blindly into the world of academia. Her educational experiences inspired the writing of Heroic Choices, moreover, her curiosity about the opportunities embedded within fear and failure, and of the cultural pressures facing females as they age galvanized her to research, write and speak out passionately on how we can reframe fear to tell ourselves a new story; a story that celebrates the gifts of aging, and defy western culture's female aging normative views. 

A Story of 60 - the power of the stories we tell, to ourselves and to others.

In this session, you will learn 

1) We can be purposeful in our ageing. Women can resist the external bias western culture has constructed and be  more than an object to be viewed as pleasing. 

2) We can dismantle and decenter western culture's messaging that most women have been told since childhood; that our value is our appearance, and challenge the influence of the messaging on our internal biases of our view of self.

and 3) How we can be in the world, demonstrably, physically and mentally overturning cultural stereotypes, and thrive. That we can construct a new story. 




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