Paula Kent she/her/hers
Author of Heroic Choices | Researcher | Rebelle Soul
Master of Arts Tourism Management | Writer| Researcher


Paula Kent is a researcher, writer, and lifelong learner, fueled by endless curiosity. At the age of fifty-three, Paula discovered her passion for research and writing after leaving the relatively conventional career in retail banking and leapt blindly into the world of academia. Her educational experiences inspired the writing of Heroic Choices,  moreover, her curiosity about the opportunities embedded within fear and failure, of the cultural pressures facing females as they age galvanizes her to research, write and speak out passionately on how we can reframe fear. 

We all experience fear, and that knowledge alone creates the fear of being fearful. To manage fear and leverage the opportunity embedded within our fears – we must understand why fear emerges. Fear does not need to paralyze action and thoughts, nor does feeling it lead to being considered a failure.  It is possible to grapple with fear and emerge victorious, wiser and propelled forward. 

In this session, you will 

  1. Understand why fear emerges and what it is comprised of 
  2. How to deconstruct fear and develop insights about yourself 
  3. Harness the power of insight to move beyond your fear into momentum and seize opportunities for personal growth




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