Paul Vann
Paul Vann
Paul Lawrence Vann
Professional Speaker Certified Life Coach Certified Spiritual Coach Certified Diversity Train-the-Trainer Certified Mindfulness Coach Financial Coach Podcast Producer/Host/Guest 2-Time #1 International Best Selling Author Master of Science, Contracts & Acquisition Management Master of Arts, Business Management Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration/Accounting Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret) Capitol Hill Fellow, U.S. House of Representatives

My name is Paul Lawrence Vann, you should invite me to speak because I am a professional speaker. I was the keynote speaker on a 12-city association-sponsored speaking tour throughout the U.S. and Guam. Connecting with audiences is my gift, I speak for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, associations, conferences and conventions, and colleges, and universities, I work to deliver the best programs for my clients.

Over the course of my speaking career, I have been interviewed on over 130 radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. and was a local guest expert for over ninety days on CBS in Washington, DC, I was interviewed on financial fitness during challenging times. 

 I have hosted over 800 episodes of my radio show, The Wealthy Speaker Talk Radio show, and over 170 episodes of my live stream podcast, Wealth Academy Podcast where I interview guests from around the globe. 

That's not all, I'm a podcast guest on numerous podcasts and I coach entrepreneurs on how to become great podcast guests, I have been trained by some of the top experts in the media space along with some of the best in the podcast industry.

My objective is to make connections with audiences while providing them with solutions they can immediately apply to their life and or business. I have written three solo books and co-authored three books and I am a two-time, number one international best-selling author. 

As a course creator, I provide digital online courses on financial fitness and entrepreneurship and I am a financial strategist, diversity train-the-trainer, and podcast coach. My objective is to make a difference in the lives of others, it is a continuation of what I did serving people as I did so for over 20 years as a United States Air Force officer.


This is an example talk for Paul Vann

Financial Fitness Leads To Financial Freedom
  1. What is the number one challenge people are facing today?
  2. How can people navigate inflation today?
  3. What is the first thing people can do to overcome financial woes?
  4. Why don't family and partners have money talks?
  5. What role does mindset play when it comes to money management?
  6. What do you recommend to people that want to pay off their debts and become debt-free?
  7. What is the one area people should not overlook when it comes to their finances?
  8. What strategy do you recommend for people to navigate inflation?
  9. What is one tip that will help people reign in their debts?
  10. How can people learn more about your virtual financial fitness course?


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