Patricia Bjork
Patricia Bjork
Certified Virtual Expert™, Master's Degree in Organizational Management

Hello, My name is Patricia Bjork and I am pleased to be here. What would you like to know about me? I am a wife, mother, Gramma, and 5-time entrepreneur. I love chocolate, music of many different genres, I have a servant's heart, and I love people. I am an encourager and a nurturer and have always been able to see the best in people even when they couldn't see it for themselves. I never imagined that I would be using my gifts as part of my business services. 

 In 2021, I found myself on a journey of healing and self-discovery, perhaps you or your clients, readers, followers, etc, are there as well. My purpose on this earth is to help women and some men take back their power and have freedom, clarity, and experience pure joy. I'm here to tell them that this journey of healing and self-discovery need not be a lonely one. I'd be happy to share my journey and give some hope to those women and men, whose anxiety around business overwhelms them, by offering 3 practices that can help bring them clarity.   

Sure, I can also speak about time-saving tips for Microsoft Outlook users, how knowing your numbers can increase profitability, or what digital tools every business should be using, my top 3 favorites, and why, and of course I'd be happy to. 

Consider this, around every corner there is a wonderful professional who can, and absolutely would if you asked them, share the same information. What sets me apart is that not only can I teach you time management, basic organizational skills and help you set SMART goals, I can also share hope and how, by taking back your power and being in tune with the business of your business, you can realize your goals. I want to share with you that you are limitless when you are in alignment with your soul's purpose.  

If you feel that what I have to offer would add value to you and/or your clients, followers, readers, etc., I'd love to talk with you. 

All the Best



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