Pascale Dube
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Leadership Coach for struggling parents of teenagers
Leadership Coach, NLP practitioner, NVC

Witnessing families going through hardships during and since the pandemic, Pascale decided to transform her leadership coaching practice and apply her years of experience helping struggling parents of teenagers.

Growing up as a teenager in a family stricken by illness and eroded by unspoken pain, she knows the hurt felt both by parents and their teens when times are tough, and she will help you transform your relationships from hurtful to fruitful, by using her experience as a leadership coach, and building your skill as a parent.


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Easy Comms with Your Teen (Beta)
This Beta Program is launching in September - I am looking for Affiliates to help promote the program and for podcasts or platforms to promote.

About the Program "Easy Comms with Your Teens"
Using my extensive experience in leadership coaching and communications training, this program is primarily designed to help parents with the communication issues they face with their teenager.

Format & Included Material
  • 6 weeks - 1h/week
  • Live group sessions on Zoom
  •  2 One-on-one (15 min Sessions)
  • Participant Guide

  • Intro to Teenagehood - What Changes Your Teen is Going Through and What it Means for You
  • Behavior Patterns and Their Root Causes
  • Fear, Guilt, Shame - The Emotional Perfect Storm for the Parent
  • Build, Maintain, Deepen Trust with your Teen Using Communications (Part 1)
  • Build, Maintain, Deepen Trust with your Teen Using Communications (Part 1)
  • Real Life Examples

Price For the Beta & Affiliate Commissions
497 USD  (30% Affiliate Commission - Tracking will be setup in Thrivecart and Swipe Copy will be provided)
Education Family & Parenting +3
Communication Communication Training +2


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