Paige Stevensen
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Your Conduit to Angelic Energy to Heal Your World With Ease
Certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner

Paige Stevensen is a gifted Master Intuitive, an innate healer, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, best-selling author, and successful business owner of over 20 years as The Intuitive Advisor. Paige was born to the gift of seeing what most don’t see and hearing what most don’t hear on their own. She is a highly trained healer, certified as an Advanced Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AAEP} and Certified Angel Hands-On-Healer (AEH) through Cindy Smith’s Angel Empowerment training programs. 


Paige’s Mission: To assist those who are struggling to transition through their own life after a death, divorce, employment change or possibly empty nest syndrome and return them to more joy and happiness with divine angelic energy. This is currently being offered through her divinely inspired 3‑day workshop: Journey to Happy


Now is the time to finally understand your connection to the angels, let Paige assist you on your journey to more joy and happiness.


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