Olivia Vo
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Savvy Social Pro for Online Collaborations

Olivia Vo is a heart-centered entrepreneur and founder of Savvy Social Enterprises, where she infuses her joyful energy, humor style, and savvy strategies for online collaborations and livestreaming events and promotions. 

She credits the LinkedIn platform with providing her very first career in staffing as a recruiter and now as her livelihood as a social media content creator. 

Olivia is a member of AATH (Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor) organization and is currently enrolled in a three-year program with The Humor Academy to earn her Humor Professional Certification.  In addition, she is trained in Laughter Yoga, and her certification is recognized by Dr. Madan Kataria of Laughter Yoga International University India. 

Olivia facilitates hands-on trainings and workshops both for in-person and online virtual events.  She is known for her savvy style, ability to connect and energize groups through her infectious laughter, empathy, and winsome smile.  


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