Niedra Gabriel
Niedra Gabriel
Physical stress release expert
Been working with bodies for over 30 years. teaching and training students and teachers in movement and function techniques via Pilates and Yoga. offering coaching and transformational techniques using Eutaptics to shift dysfunctional belief systems and coaching to get on with life. Fascia release work is my latest addition to supporting clients move towards their optimal alignment of the inner and outer way of being in the world.

I explain and show how our bodies hold the history of our lives, and our lives are mapped out in our physical shapes. Good intentions and changing our mindset does not remove the physical patterns and memories totally.  Most people never consider that our bodies holds the totality of us together and is the portal we use to share the message our lives want to express. Understanding that our spatial movements can get stuck and rigidifies opens the door to whole new way to destress, release past trauma, lose limiting beliefs and empower our beingness on all levels. All this can be done, (minus mental talking and story), by physically ironing out what is fixed and stuck in the body.  This ironing out of tightness changes how we turn up and operate in the world, and transcends mental changing. It is a very tangible physical experience.  Surprisingly different and surprisingly effective at transformation. 


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