Nasrin (Nas) Parsian
Nasrin (Nas) Parsian
Secrets of inter-personal relationships
Founder of Dr Nas Inner Wellness Holistic and Emotional Health Consultant Member of American Board of Hypnotherapists Board advisor of Global Youth Mental Health Academic in Nursing PhD in Spirituality and Chronic health conditions focusing on Diabetes type 1 management. Master in Pediatrics Nursing Bachelor of Nursing Science- RN Grad Cert in Higher Degree Education Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer Certified Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner and Trainer

“To Change the World, tap on to your Heart! It is not about       
      discovering who you are but Creating who you truly are” 
-Dr Nas Parsain
Dr Nas Parsian, Holistic health Educator, Emotional Health Consultant and Coach, 
Academic Nurse

Dr. Nasrin (Nas) Parsian is a Holistic health professional, Academic Nurse and Emotional health Consultant, experienced for 25 years in a wide range of health and wellness paradigms, evidence-based practice in healthcare, Paediatric health, children and youth well-being, chronic illnesses management, and her highest passion is on Spirituality, Self-transformation, and Health. She holds a PhD, from Deakin University Melbourne Australia, on spirituality and self-transformation in people with chronic health conditions, focusing on diabetes-type 1 management. The results of the project revealed the significance of self-transformation in management of chronic illnesses, and were very well received by many national and international scientific conferences and peer reviewed journals. In her research project she applied both qualitative and quantitative methodologies and developed the validated SQ questionnaire that is being used by psychology and health related students in their projects. 

Nasrin’s latest and most powerful interest is Heart Intelligence and inner wellness.
Nas has a strong background in teaching and higher education in university, curriculum development, clinical practice and research. She is also a Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy practitioner and trainer and a transformational coach, currently practising as a consultant, coach and educator for holistic and emotional health, while casually working as an academic in nursing and midwifery discipline of two universities in Australia. Her vision adheres to an integrative approach for people’s health with the focus on Heart-Based Inner wellness.
She offers one-on-one consultation/coaching, on-line courses and coaching programs, a podcast, and training workshops on the areas of inner wellness, heart-centred health, NLP and Hypnotherapy..
Nasrin’s strongest passion is to help people achieve their optimal physical and emotional well-being through the process of inner transformation and connectedness with true Self and Heart intelligence. Her consulting areas focus on self-transformation, mental/emotional health, stress, anxiety and trauma healing, youth emotional health, resilience, and self-empowerment. She believes the heart has a powerful role in transformation and inner wellness.
Dr Parsian motivates people to discover their purpose and create new meaning in given situations and help them break state through empowerment and improve their well-being by connecting to their heart and inner intelligence. She is helping people become aware of their health in deeper layers, unfold the unknown areas, become empowered to master their wellness and ultimately create their newness.

Nasrin has a compassionate personality with a higher purpose and passion to uplift and inspire people to become the master of their wellness, transform to their best ‘Self’, rewire their wellness, and connect to the heart, to achieve their healthier and fuller life. Her own several transformational journeys of cocoon breaking and her deep connection to the ancient spiritualism and mystics of Rumi and the concept of ONENESS enlighten her insight of harmonious and heart-centred health.
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Secrets of inter-personal relationships
Life is all the matter of relationships! We humans are relational beings and connectedness is our core essence and the key to answer our needs. All we need is to discover the alchemy and flourish an integrated SELF,  to be able  to create a transformation and cultivate growth-based relationships in all areas.
 "You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop" Rumi

Discover the alchemy, create a healthy you and change the world!
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