Nancy Abramson
Nancy Abramson
Success Coach
When not serving her clients helping them grow their businesses while also having more time for fun she can be found taking pictures, hanging out on a beach or scuba diving and exploring the extraordinary world underwater.
Nancy Abramson is a Success Coach with Empowered With Nancy.  She is passionate about supporting small business owners so they can have Thriving businesses AND the Freedom to live their lives the way they want to.  After years of Public Accounting and Corporate Accounting, working crazy hours and living for vacations and to enjoy her life later, Nancy has a great life now and helps her clients have that as well.  As a CFO, she played a key role is selling the business for millions of dollars and then made the move to Business Owner where she combines her business expertise with her ability to help people understand things easily and grow to levels they couldn't on their own. Nancy helps her clients get clear about what success looks like to them and then creates a plan to help them achieve that success.  


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Know Your Numbers and Grow Your Business
At any given moment do you know how your business is doing?  Really Doing??  We will show you how easy it is to understand the most important numbers in your business so you can have the power to know when it's time to take actions and grow your business!

Most of us go along, working really hard and hope that at the end of the year we will have made a profit.  Most Entrepreneurs spend their time working hard on their business and neglect this aspect because it’s not fun, not a priority, scary or a handful of other reasons.  However, armed with this information you work smarter and make more money!  If I asked you right now what your profit is can you answer that question or do you have to wait to submit to your Accountant for him or her to answer that?  

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