Nanci Deutsch
LCSW, CHt., Intuitive Breakthrough Expert
L.C.S.W., CHt - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist

Nanci Deutsch, L.C.S.W., CHt, Intuitive Breakthrough Expert, is the Founder and Producer of “The Inspired & Empowered Living Radio Show”, airing Tuesdays at 11:00 am Eastern on W4HC.  The show has been running for over 7 years and is heard on 12 other podcast sites, including iHeartRadio.

She is an International Best-Selling author who appears in the books Harmony in Chakras Vol. 1 and Harmony in Chakras  Vol. 2. 

Nanci Deutsch is the go-to authority, as a holistic psychotherapy practitioner. She helps people accelerate the process of becoming the best versions of themselves. Nanci is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, now for over 30 years, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistics Programming™ (NLP), and she is a Certified Intuition-Energy Coach. 


Nanci’s expertise and passion have put her on a fast track to helping as many people as she can through the utilization of her healing modalities. Nanci’s counseling, coaching, popular internet webinars, and speaking to large groups have helped transform many lives.  She also has appeared on many podcasts and TV shows. 

Nanci uniquely combines her counseling, coaching, and intuitive abilities to facilitate, motivate, and educate professionals to maximize their potential and their clients potential to live an inspired and empowered life! 



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The Intuition Advantage for More Confidence, Better Decisions & Inspired Action


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