Destination Transformation
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Destination Transformation
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Are you an expert in your field, speaking topics of transformation, personal growth and empowerment?

Do you have a message of empowerment or transformation to share with the world?

Are you focused on taking the stage as a speaker as part of your brand?

We would love to have you in our family of speakers. It is my passion to create opportunities for soul-centered and transformational practitioners to present and speak their passions so they can contribute to the positive transformation message so needed in our communities. 

Destination Transformation is one of these events!  Produced with the intent to give practitioners a stage to bring their much-needed products and services.  And also to give everyone access to tools, techniques, and programs to transform their lives. I invite you to join us for the next event! 

Connect to Your Magical Manifestation
Angel Thacker President & CEO

Magical Manifestationopen to and accept abundance creation in all areas of your life

Access a 4-step process that will lift your vibration and shift your mindset.  Creating you a magical manifestor with a joyous wealth mindset, ready to create abundance in all areas of your life.

Join Angel Thacker as she unveils for you the fundamental processes that she has used to create an abundantly joyous vibration and to go from Grind to Grand


What do you want from life?Are you satisfied with where you are?Are fulfilled with where you're going?

Do you desire to have more than you have in your life?  More joy, peace, money, a home to call your own, a loving and fulfilling relationship... abundant health and true happiness?

Do you want to look in the mirror and love yourself crazy!  

Most of us live life paycheck to paycheck.  Working hard to make it day to day, believing that this what life is.  I call this the poverty mentality, the filter function through that is auto set on the limitations of life.  Fundamentally living each day considering what we can't have rather than what we can have.

I want to tell you something, and it's not a secret.  You can have what you truly want.  You can absolutely have all that you wish for possible in your life.  Your ability to manifest starts with your mindset...your acceptance of what you're truly worthy of.

Come with me and let me help you activate that magic within you!













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Making Fitness Fun
Michelle Gray Your Synergy Coach

Fitness can be fun for everyone and you never have to go into a gym ever!


I speak to many people that are trying to explain why they cannot exercise. Do they have a legitimate excuse? Maybe to them but it is just that….excuses. It really comes down to priorities. 

God gave us a body that moves with ease and grace. WE choose to make a choice everyday.

You can choose an excuse but I can come up with ten ways that never require a gym and a few of them you do already. 

  1. I don’t like to sweat
  2. I don’t like to breathe hard
  3. I don’t have time
  4. I have too many responsibilities
  5. I don’t like to be outside in the (fill in the blank) hot weather, humid, cold.
  6. I have allergies
  7. I don’t like to wear gym shoes
  8. I don’t like to move that fast
  9. I have an injury.
  10. I was never taught how to exercise



Here are the things you can do instead of going into a gym:

1. Walking outside with a friend, with your dog, 

2. Biking outside or stationary bike

3. Stair laps

4. Yoga in the park or your living room

5. Cross Country Skiing, Ice Skating, Roller Skating

6. Tennis or Pickleball

7. Cross Country Ski or Snow Trekking

8. Beach walking

9. Swimming Water Fitness Classes or Fluid Running

10. Dancing in your Living Room


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Education Health +33
The Intuition Advantage for More Confidence, Better Decisions & Inspired Action
Nanci Deutsch Intuitive Breakthrough Expert

Do you listen to your gut? Do you act on your intuition? Join Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHT, Intuitive Breakthrough Expert and Soul Adventures Coach, to learn what intuition really is, and how to access and use it to make important decisions in your life. Nanci will share with you the three secrets to accessing your intuition and use it as an empowering guide to take inspired action. Discover how using your intuition can help you manifest a healthier body, increased wealth, and more joyful relationships. Working with your intuition is an essential key to increasing your confidence and making better decisions to create a happy and fulfilling life! 


How to Manifest with A Vision Board
Pamela Heath The YES Coach™

Times are chaotic and confusing right now. You may be feeling unfulfilled, lost, and unclear on exactly where you want to go. The future may seem dim and uncertain. You deserve to live the life of your dreams! So I'm going to support you in creating that. It's what I do. I'm The YES Coach™ and by helping you tune in, on a deeper level, to the vibration of your dream I will help you create an extraordinary, abundant prosperous life - by design with one simple tool. You’ve likely heard of this tool before, but never used it in the way I’m going to instruct you to use it. What tool you ask?

Your Vision Board! But, not just any old vision board that has a picture of a nice car and your dream home on it. The Vision Board I want to help you create will look more like a glimpse into your guaranteed dream future - full of fulfillment in each of the 4 crucial quadrants of your life. You can finally stop being overwhelmed taking actions towards things you don’t really want, leaving you feeling exhausted and burnt out.

Instead, you'll step into a life of Purpose, Meaning and Fulfillment! Imagine seeing your PERSONAL vision for your life becoming your reality, right before your very eyes! 

In this talk, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use the 4 Dream Building approach to create rich life experiences and lasting fulfillment
  • Tune into your imagination with such clarity that it's always available to you exactly when needed
  • Accelerate your manifestations by tapping into your “Ignited Self”

And much more...

To the extraordinary vision you will bring to life!

Business Leadership +2
Mindset Personal Growth +2