Mona Baker
Practitioner and Founder of Actionomics
I am former professional ballet dancer with American Ballet Theatre in New York City, a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, Certified Movement Analyst, and the inventor of Actionomics, a language moving through action, from which I have developed two patented methods, that are the basis for designing my programs and offerings as a practitioner, consultant, business owner, inventor,

Freedom through movement has been the driving passion for Mona Baker's career journey. Beginning as a professional ballet dancer, performing with American Ballet Theatre, where she looked for the nuance of movement to charge her performing artistry. Following a career ending injury, she turned her freedom through movement inquiry into a specialty by becoming a Certified Movement Analyst. After several years of teaching, to better serve her freedom through movement passion, she decided the field of movement needed to have a language, so created Actionomics, a language moving through action, from which  she invented two patented methods that she now uses to design her programs and offerings. Now she finally had the tools to help her clients to experience their freedom through movement and how  to move pain free. For many years Mona has worked as a Practitioner in a holistic medical clinic helping those patients to discover their freedom through movement pain free moving. Since the pandemic Mona   


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