Mike McQuillan
Mike McQuillan
Certified World Class Speaking Coach ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer / Corrective Exercise Specialist Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach MS, Guidance and Counseling

Fitness trainers are the best motivators and communicators in the world. It's time to add public speaking to the fitness industry skill set! A top-notch fitness presentation employs the FIT system: Filter misconceptions from background knowledge; Instruct with stories and examples; Transfer the lesson so the audience can reteach it. If you work in the fitness industry, people are desperate to know what you know. They will gather to hear you speak. All you need is the format that you will learn in my presentation.

For non-fitness professionals, if your industry faces any of the three major roadblocks to good communication, then you can promote your business using the FIT System. Trainers have to overcome misconceptions that not only burden the industry but also define it. Second, we have to deal with client vulnerability. People don't like to admit that health and wellness are very personal. Finally, trainers must defend their professional reputation. We have to win our clients over and convince them that we are the highest level of professionals. That can be hard when many trainers are half the age of their clients and they wear pajamas to work every day.

As a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, fitness trainer, and classroom teacher, I dispell the mythology of fitness, inspire people to embrace a healthy life, and educate the next generation of fitness trainers.

I can present at all lengths from 10 minutes to an hour, to all audiences including the uninformed general public, fitness enthusiasts, industry professionals, and business leaders. Even if you have a non-fitness audience, every seminar needs physical activity. The audience can expect to get on their feet and build the energy level of the room or across the fourth wall of their virtual safe space.

I can present in English or in Spanish, live or virtually.