Mike McQuillan
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Muscles, microphones, and motivation
Certified World Class Speaking Coach, Fitness Trainer

Fitness trainers are the best motivators and communicators in the world. It's time to add public speaking to the fitness industry skill set! If you work in the fitness industry, people are desperate to know what you know. The #1 venue for you to speak is … your gym floor. Over the life of your business, your gym floor is worth a million dollars as a speaking venue. 

You can expect four different types of audiences:

  1. The uninformed general public
  2. Your existing clients
  3. Your professional colleagues
  4. Your staff

Speak the right way to these audiences to attract and retain members and clients, earn revenue through top-dollar workshops, and gain the respect you deserve as a leader.


In my keynote, you'll incorporate your audience into your presentation and turn them into ambassadors for your business using the FIT System.


For the non-fitness audience, the lessons are the same. Add some fitness industry motivation to your event!


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