Santa Mike Facherty
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S.A.N.T.A. helps reduce staff turnover and customer churn.

January to October:

Away from Christmas, Santa Mike speaks about his program The  S.A.N.T.A. Mantra (Show Appreciation, Nurture Thoughtful Actions). The program addresses the benefits of showing greater appreciation and kindness in business, family, and society. 

The title of his keynote speech is “Retention through Attention”.
"Employees who don’t feel appreciated don’t stay." - Laszlo Bock
Does your audience need help with staff and customer retention? Let’s talk!

November and December:

Since he first played Father Christmas almost 40 years ago, Santa Mike has met with thousands of children.  It looked like he wouldn't meet any when disease closed his grotto. Mike responded to public demand by offering doorstep and virtual visits so that children didn’t miss Santa completely. 

On home and corporate visits (real or virtual), Santa Mike loves telling stories. Some of his stories are available on Amazon as paperbacks or e-books. ( )

Mike wants to speak on podcasts, radio and TV about Christmas, kindness, storytelling and writing kid's books.  As you would expect from Santa Claus, Santa Mike has a gift for your listeners.
In addition, Mike helps people publishing their own books, speaks about kindness, book creation and storytelling. He has been interviewed on many podcasts. Here is an example of a recent podcast interview (click to view):


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The Business Benefits of Appreciation

Talking about The S.A.N.T.A. Mantra (Show Appreciation, Nurture Thoughtful Actions) and the key business benefits of showing appreciation:

1 Staff feel valued - this enhances loyalty,

2 Customers feel valued - this enhances retention,

3 Valued customers are more likely to refer friends to your business.


Breakout Question:

What action can I take this week to show my customers and staff that I truly value them? What can I do on a regular basis?


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