Mr Mike Facherty he/him/his
Let's Create Joy together!

Since he first played Father Christmas almost 40 years ago, Mike (Henley Santa) has met with thousands of children.  It looked like he wouldn't meet any when his grotto had to close. Mike responded to public demand by offering doorstep and virtual visits so that children didn’t miss Santa completely. 

On home visits (real or virtual), Henley Santa (Mike) loves telling stories. Some of his stories are available on Amazon as paperbacks or e-books. ( )

In addition, Mike helps people publishing their own books, speaks about kindness, book creation and storytelling. He has been interviewed on several podcasts. Here is an example of a recent podcast interview: 


Mike wants to speak on podcasts, radio and TV about Christmas, kindness, storytelling, writing kid's books and working after retirement. As you would expect from Santa Claus, Mike has a gift for your listeners.