Michelle Ricketts
Michelle Ricketts
Value Architect | Business Builder
Wardell International Business Advisor Training - Vancouver, BC | Certified Mastermind Professional - Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi KBB - Global Online Training | Global Connector - Bookingworldspeakers.com | Certified Associate in Project Management - Project Management Institute | Masters Certificate in Project Management - University of Victoria, BC | Sales & Marketing Management Diploma - University of BC Vancouver, BC| Managing Projects - PM01 Vancouver, BC | Certified Sales Executive (CSE) SME International, Inc. Vancouver, BC | Sales & Marketing Executives (SME) SME International, Inc. Vancouver, BC | Advertising Diploma - Sheridan College Oakville, ON

Overall health, wellness, and fitness always played a part in Michelle’s life and continue to be part of her consulting approach today, differentiating her from others in the industry.  Michelle guides sized business owners to develop a self-sustaining business, generate more revenue, and take back time to do things that excite them!


Raised by a strong, independent single mother, vision and values were instilled at an early age. Michelle started her own entrepreneurial journey in the 90s in event planning and speaking. A passion for health, fitness, music, and dance have also shaped Michelle’s experience, providing innumerable opportunities to give back as a volunteer. 

Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, Michelle sits on the “Board of Advisors” for the philanthropic foundation “Leaders Yielding to New Knowledge” (LY2NK).  The group oversees the creation of new, sustainable schools in various slums and villages in developing countries.  Michelle also supports the efforts of Digital Samurai, an entrepreneur owner focused on reducing youth unemployment in Africa through apprenticeships. 

Michelle’s 30+ years as an Account Executive spanned credit card processing and financial services, transportation, logistics, media, and consulting, with many projects including managing consultative alliances, live event management, and sales team leadership.  In 2021 Michelle completed Wardell International Advisor training and has recently undertaken S.O.S. Sales Objection System group training with renowned trainer Joe Marcoux.  Her career and entrepreneurial ambitions have taken Michelle outside Canada, providing extensive experience in multiple markets in North America and beyond.


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