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Michelle 'Emtre' Hollis is the Founder of VisionBoard Music and Vision4theSOL. A content creator and dynamic story teller who is here to remind us what life is really all about in the most energizing of ways, she creatively links timeless ancient wisdoms with the classic concepts in Personal Development, Science, Psychology, Law of Attraction Principles and pop culture to bring an engaging experience where participants learn how to be responsible for their lives. By using a variety of modalities which include Spoken Word, Music, Meditation, and Creative Visualization, this interactive workshop will help YOU to unlock your creativity and allow your Unique LimeLight to illuminate the SOLutions that exist with any problem that arises in work or personal life.

 A Tedx speaker, in 2021 she has shared the digital stage with Les Brown at World Love Week and is excited to become a published author with a dynamic chapter in the upcoming book Harmony of Chakras Vol 2 amongst other Magazine Publications all this year in 2021. Stay Tuned!


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