Mary Kathryn Johnson
Power Parent

As the creator and host of the Parent Entrepreneur Power podcast (now in its second generation with MKJ's 23 year old son, Evan as co-host), Mary Kathryn Johnson has helped parent entrepreneurs model and foster entrepreneurial skills and tools for their kids to use while building success in their own lives. She helped both her sons build valuable skills that led them to their own entrepreneurial ventures, and now she helps other parent entrepreneurs discover how they can do the same in their own families with her private and group coaching and courses. If you have gotten your child through potty training, you can handle anything in business, and use your experiences to now help your kids go through “life training.”


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How to Use Your Parent Entrepreneur Power to Grow Your Family and Business Success
Here is what you will learn during this presentation:
1. If you have potty trained your child, or gone through middle school adolescence, you are more than equipped for any business hurdle you face.
2. Consistent communication and open, giving support helps both your business and your children grow in a safe, nurturing environment.
3. When you pay attention to the skills and talents of your teen children, you can help them craft those skills through your business to prepare them either for a successful career or entrepreneurship

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