Lorna Rasmussen
Lorna Rasmussen
CEO - Chief Encouragement Officer
Coaching credentials from the Direct Selling World Alliance Tony Robbins Success University Peak Performance (T.Harv Eker) Train-the-Trainer and all his other courses Success Motivation Institute

Life is too short to be living a life you doin't absolutely love. And business is too hard for it not to be profitable. That is what Lorna does for her clients - helps them visualize the LIFESTYLE they want and then develop and grow a profitable business to make it possible.

She started her professional life as a documentary film producer and distributor. Then after 20 years, Lorna entered the then-new profession of business coaching. However, at the age of 48, finding herself on the verge of bankruptcy and facing having to work for the rest of her life, she made a radical shift. 

Lorna put into practice what she had learned and applied it to a new career in Network Marketing.  Within ten years she had earned over a million dollars and had created a six-figure retirement of residual/leveraged, or what some people call, passive income. She still works but by choice, not by necessity. 

In 2016 she moved with her husband to Costa Rica. Inspired by the Costa Rican "Pura Vida" Lifestyle, she created an intimate and affordable support system for solopreneur women with a focus on coaches and Network Marketing professionals. She now lives her dream life, integrating running a business with enjoying a satisfying and fulfilling life in paradise. She is thrilled to help others do the same, whatever their definition of "paradise."

Lorna is an experienced onstage speaker, speaking to groups of up to 15,000.  She has successfully moved to the "small screen" and the digital world. A humorous and engaging speaker, Lorna's storytelling coupled with sage advice is a welcome complement to any program. She speaks on a variety of topics and is very versatile.


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