Lisa Buyer
Lisa Buyer
Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Coach, Collaborator
Certified 200 hour yoga instructor Speaker at more than 100 events including keynotes, webinars and courses

PR Expert, international speaker, teaching brands how to blend superpowers of the PR metaverse, SEO, and social media with the latest modern-day technologies including AR/VR. 

Latest offering: Modern PR Secrets.

🦚 On a mission to inspire + educate brands

✨Tap into superpowers of PR, SEO, Social Media, AR, VR, and tech.

👩‍🎤Founded by @lisabuyer

📚Course creator, coach, connector and collaborator.

👩‍🎤Editor and Founder of Female Disruptors a magazine and movement.


Ready to learn about the latest + most actionable Digital PR trends?  

Meet Lisa Buyer, founder and CEO of The Buyer Group, a Digital PR media company, and a subject matter expert in digital public relations laced with SEO and Social Media. 

Podcasts - 

  • Social PR Secrets based on the book Social PR Secrets 4th edition  (2018) with a foreword by Guy Kawasaki.
  • Digital Detox Secrets based on the book published in 2019 - helping entrepreneurs and professionals navigate mental health and wellness in the digital world.


  • Social PR Secrets
  • Digital Detox Secrets


  • The Buyer PR Method to Superstar Media Coverage - Modern PR Secrets
  • Parents Survival Guide to Teens/College Students POst Pandemic

By day you can find Lisa at her Celebration, Fl-based company The Buyer Group, creating courses, coaching brands, hosting webinars or interviewing guests for her podcast.

She is also the author and podcast host of Digital Detox Secrets, how to balance work/life in the digital world.

From 2014-2018 she taught a Social Media Management class at the University of Florida and is a national and international speaker including keynotes. Her intention is to inspire and motivate with purposeful actionable takeaways

She is an avid yogi, author, entrepreneur, speaker, journalist, and educator.  Lisa's experience blends the traditional fundamentals with today’s digital best practices.

Lisa brings 20+ years of PR experience always staying ahead of the curve as an early adapter integrating PR, SEO and social media and how social media and PR impact our audience. 



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Digital Detox Secrets for Entrepreneur Parents
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