Lilly Wang
Be You, Make More - How to create abundance through serving others
Masters from the London School of Economics (LSE). Published in peer-review scientific journals. Consulted for UN-led projects. Helped startups. Writing for the Los Angeles Tribune. Helped countless charities & nonprofits grow.

Lilly Wang M.Sc. holds a masters degree from the London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK and her work has spanned multiple continents, involving: the United Nations, governments, startups, and of course solopreneurs and small business owners. 

Coach Lilly has worked in the consulting, mentoring, and coaching space for over a decade. She has also studied and worked with some of the world’s top coaches and mentors, including two QiGong masters. Her style is direct, spiritual and heart centred. She believes in pulling the potential out of you, creating structure & systems, and in FINALLY generating the results that you want and deserve. 

Because of her own spiritual and quantum physics background of 20 years, she nurtures your inner light and vision, and helps you create success, fulfillment & impact that you deserve. With Lilly, you hit your goals, start leading your team, and feel grounded and powerful. She is as results-driven as she is heart-centred. 


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