Lilian Sue she/her/hers
Empowering Entrepreneurs to Become Global Industry Leaders
PR Coach, Publicist, Author

As a PR coach and publicist, Lilian is in the storytelling and relationship building business. 


She empowers entrepreneurs to learn how to gain the confidence to make public relations work for them to achieve their goals by giving them personalized guidance and support to gain the confidence to push past limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to develop and launch successful PR campaigns.


Why? Because she believes that every entrepreneur has a compelling brand story that deserves to be heard and celebrated by audiences all over the world. Audiences learn to trust them and support their projects because they resonate with their stories.


 Through 1:1 coaching, courses, workshops, and campaign services, she provides entrepreneurs with the personalized guidance to push past the mindset blocks stopping their teams from moving forward to gain clarity on goals and marketing ideas, and perspective on how they can position their stories to captivate, entertain, educate and inform audiences the right way.


She enjoys sharing insights and expertise on how to develop a strong PR mindset, find the right publicist to work with, how to budget for a campaign, proper positioning and goal planning and the individual elements of a successful PR campaign. 


These are example talks for Lilian Sue

Build a Powerful PR Mindset to Become the Global Industry Leader You Were Meant to Be

Mindset is more than a set of beliefs and attitudes about you, your brand, and your
projects. It has the power to influence your decision-making, your actions, and how you
show up and engage with your audiences. Limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome
and impatience can lead to toxic mindsets that prevent the growth of your business.
In this empowering and inspiring keynote, attendees will understand the power of
mindset and learn to harness it to push past limiting beliefs to build successful
strategies to achieve their goals.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:
-Understand the power of mindset and what constitutes a negative toxic mindset
-Learn what can trigger negative emotions such as imposter syndrome and impatience
-Build healthy coping mechanisms to push past limiting beliefs and mindset blocks as
they come up.

Marketing Mindset +1
Mindset Coaching PR (Public Relations) +2
What You Need to Know Before Working Before Working with a Publicist

Inside this presentation, attendees will learn what they need to know about their goals, the audiences they want to get in front of, and the key questions they need to ask a publicist to determine if they're the right fit to work together, along with how their goals, and campaign scope will affect their budget and the overall PR strategy.

Marketing Mindset +1
Book Marketing Mindset Coaching +2