Lauren Cohen
Navigating Across Borders Speaker
Attorney-at-Law - US Barrister & Solicitor - Canada (Lawyer) Realtor - FL
Lauren Cohen was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and now resides in Boca Raton, 
FL with her 10-year-old son, Zevi. Lauren is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School 
and York University, also in Toronto. She worked as an in-house corporate attorney for 
various financial and healthcare institutions like CitiGroup and many others for over a 
decade. Today, Lauren is an International Lawyer, Realtor, Foreign Investor & 
Immigration Expert, and the Founder of e-Council Global and several affiliated 
entrepreneurial companies. She is the Bestselling author of ‘Finding Your Silver Lining 
in the Business Immigration Process’, and launched her own podcast, INVESTING 
ACROSS BORDERS, in late 2020.
After her then-husband’s deportation on the return trip from their honeymoon, Lauren 
was devastated. Realizing that so many others suffer a similar plight due to a lack of 
proper guidance and strategic planning, Lauren felt compelled to find solutions and 
decided to make a difference, so Lauren turned to the crazy and dynamic world of 
immigration and international law.
Lauren would go through two other major pivotal moments in her life, the birth of her 
miraculous son and the passing of her beloved father.
Through both grief and joy, she 
pressed on in her passion to help and guide others in developing sound investment and 
cross-border strategies designed to address both their business and personal goals.
Lauren now travels the world virtually and through live events helping men and women 
professionally and personally by sharing her signature programs ‘Eight Steps to 
Investing Across Borders’ and ‘Ten Steps to Immigrate Through Real Estate’, helping 
them create customized strategies to invest across borders and obtain immigration visas 
through real estate and business investment, navigating the complex path so that they 
can successfully invest, live, work and play across borders.


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