Laura, The Crimson Vagabond
Laura, The Crimson Vagabond
Music & Dance Performer, Event Producer, Emcee and Director of The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow - A Live Music & Specialty Dance Festival
In 2004, while in college,  Laura was first introduced to Belly Dance classes at the campus gym. It became a habit in 2008 after taking a class from the very talented and international star, Silvia Salamanca. Since then, Laura has poured her heart and soul into learning more about Belly Dance and its roots in Middle Eastern Arts & Culture. As a self-proclaimed "Expert in the Art of EXTRA", Laura finds even more enjoyment performing with her percussionist husband, Brent Hurter aka Jam Boss Mr.B  , collaborating on projects such as the Renegade Telegram and producing events including The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow and Jam-A-Thon


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"Own IT!" Stage Presence & Performance Confidence

   This series is for any person looking to improve their confidence in performances, public speaking engagements or even job interviews. We will discuss how body language, facial expressions and eye contact can help us connect to our audience and give a positive boost to our self-esteem. Laura will share her favorite tools for preparing for the stage and offer guided practice for applying those tools to your next performance. 


Entertainment & Art
Public Speaking Speaker Training +1


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