Laura Lake
Laura Lake
Courageous Connection Coach
Laura has stepped in last minute, ugly cried with an audience, and been on hundreds of stages since she was 4 yrs old. #1 Int'l bestselling author | Co-host of bLU Talks: Amplify Your Message | Booked to speak at Harvard University

Welcome fellow event host!

Laura likes to describe herself as a playful, luminary, change-maker who likes hiking, deep conversations, and nerdy cosplay. #EntrepreNERD

Having her speak at your event you'll get more than just a session. Starting from that first conversation you'll notice Laura asking questions about how to best support you, the intention of your event, and the development of attendees. As a fellow event host she knows the depth of detail that goes into putting on an event experience and is mindful of finding the best-fit speakers to execute your vision.

Laura's speaking style is rooted in her performing arts background. She is high energy, courageous, vulnerable, and uses light theatrical movement to express her thoughts visually. The emotional weight & depth of her speaking topics is exquisitely balanced with her loving nature & playful curiosity.

“It's always so nice & refreshing to have an honest take on it… Doing it the way you do it, to me, is very endearing and very approachable, and very nice. Everyone is growing together and it's sort of like a growth container.” 
~ Randy Spelling - Hollywood Actor & Spiritual Coach

Speakers, hosts, and attendees alike often comment on Laura's energy, smile, and engagement even when she's in the audience! During virtual events you'll find her writing notes in the comments, asking questions, posting common links, etc.

Laura Lake's speaking topics include:

  • Why “know, like, & trust” doesn't work (and how to fix it)
  • Courageously connecting with your audience
  • Vulnerability as a strength
  • Mindful solopreneurship

All of these topics are rooted in mental health, mindfulness, entrepreneurship, and connection based marketing.

What does she do?

Heart-centered, message driven solopreneurs hire Laura to help them create clients from the stage by CONFIDENTLY showing up & COURAGEOUSLY connecting to their audience.

You can count on her to not only bring her authentic expertise, but to help other speakers who may be afraid to be seen as weak/unprofessional, or fear rejection as a part of sharing their story.


If you're looking for someone to elevate your vision & "Speak From Their Sparkle" as they help your audience feel seen, heard, & understood… then reach out to Laura to see how she can help you impact your audience as you build your business.


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