Laura Jackson Loo
Laura Jackson Loo she/her/hers
Speaker, Author, Coach & Consultant

Laura Jackson Loo is a speaker, author, coach, and consultant.  Founder of Quantum  Communications, LLC, Laura is passionate about guiding corporate executives and business leaders in creating happy, healthy, and thriving organizations.

Using her M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model, she supports leaders and their mission-driven organizations in fully engaging their hidden goldmine of in-house talent.  The benefits are a win for the entire organization, and they often experience results and gains in a short time. 

As a Life Transformed™ Certified Coach and Executive Mentor, Laura supports her clients’ personal and professional transformation. As an inspirational and international speaker, Laura has given over 500 talks and presented to thousands of people. She has been described as engaging, humorous, and heart-centered. Throughout all her work, her core message is anchored in transformation by recognizing and unleashing talent and potential in individuals and across organizations.


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