Krys Pappius
Krys Pappius she/her/hers
Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Author
B.A. Criminology, PCC

Krys Pappius is living a great life. She is a world traveller, a hiker, a nature lover, a fitness enthusiast and she does work that she loves.


But wasn’t always like that.


In 2003, while on duty as a police officer,  a near death experience forced her to own the fact that, in spite of apparent success, her life was empty, meaningless, and boring. Furthermore, when she looked to the future she saw nothing but more of the same.


Krys embarked on a journey of self-discovery that, eventually, allowed her to create a life that she loves.


As an Empowerment Coach, Krys shares what she has learned with women professionals or entrepreneurs who feel stuck and unfulfilled, and who want to find meaning, fulfillment, and joy in living.



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UNLEASHED: Stop playing small and start living your dream life even if you don't feel like you are enough.

Do you want the confidence to go after long ignored dreams?

Do you want more joy in life?

Do you want to start living life on YOUR terms?

Welcome to “UNLEASHED: How to stop playing small and start living your dream life even if you don't feel like you are enough”.

In this talk I share the 3 step process I created based on my own journey from being a burned out police officer whose life no longer had any meaning to an adventure seeking, self-directed woman who lives life on her own terms.

This talk is for successful women professionals and entrepreneurs for whom success is empty. They KNOW there is more to life than what they have, but they simply don't know what that might be or where to look for it.

The process works because I am NOT special - the process IS!


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