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Dynamic Speaker for Sustainable Productivity, Innovation

Corporate Strategy | Development | Implementation:

KJ Lavan helps businesses & individuals manifest the tremendous power of the mind at the nexus of business & neuroscience for effective strategies like well-being, high- performance leadership, productivity, & organizational change.

Steve Jobs was decades ahead of his time. He evolved as a pioneer in building innovative climates & cultures based on neuroscience principles. Thus, setting the stage for what would become disruptive cell phone innovation. In that pioneering, KJ brings something new, different, exciting...making it easier for companies to work out how to change for sustainable productivity, innovation, and ROI increases.

In addition to being a former professional athlete, KJ is an international award-winning senior-level executive, Global Wellness Ambassador, Global Wellness Institute contributor, and CEO of The Middle East’s leading Neuroscience Enterprise, KJL International.

KJ’s book, WHY Is Your Reason for Being is endorsed by Deepak Chopra. In addition to being an author, he is a dynamic keynote speaker, C-Suite advisor, & “go-to” Family Office Consultant who is known for getting audiences around the world LIT! 🔥 (refer to video testimonials) for breakthrough transformations in the C-Suite, at home, in communities...He is becoming the world’s number one expert on how to elevate brain health & skills. His success is grounded in helping governments, businesses, & individuals implement happiness, productivity & innovation best practices.

KJL International’s clients trust the company’s offerings because of his insightful analysis from his corporate senior-level executive experience. He works closely with C- Suite executives to assist them in understanding the cost-benefit analysis tied to increased: employee happiness, productivity, resilience, & emotional intelligence.

KJ’s illustrious career has pushed him far beyond his humble beginnings. He’s a graduate of the prestigious CEO - Bayer Enterprise Leadership Program, served on the CEO Advisory Board & earned the esteemed CEO Leadership Award. His expertise includes neuroscience, functioning of the human mind, & mental wellness. He is passionate about impacting the lives of others as a professional speaker since 2010.

He has been speaking for the likes of Royal Family Business Offices, Arizona State University, The International Conference on Spirituality & Psychology (ICSP), the world-renowned Texas Medical Center, Corporations, & many more.

With a boundless amount of energy, creativity, & determination, KJ is continuously expanding KJL International’s reach to become a globally-recognized brand, helping to bring more happiness, productivity, & resilience to the world.


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