Kirtideva Peruman
Counsellor/Holistic Life Coach
B.S.c in Counselling with Psychology Skills; M.A in Counsell

An experienced bilingual holistic life coach from Mauritius living in New Zealand since 2019. Deva has been in the field of counselling & psychology for 12 years including holistic life coaching in the last 5 years. His clients consist of children, teenagers, individuals, couples, families and the wider community. Deva helps them to discover their true self (inner-hero), break their limiting beliefs and think outside of the box. His experience and expertise encompass many areas including anxiety,PTSD, Men’s Mental Health & trauma

As a speaker, his main research and speaking topic focuses on “toxic masculinity” and how to promote healthy masculine energy. His purpose is to elevate the masculine energy in a healthy/positive way and to generate empowering changes in men. His mission entails empowering the healthy masculine energy in 500k men (25-40 years); leading a powerful positive wave of change in parenting teenage boys and awakening the ‘superhero’ within younger generations (6-12 years). Deva is leading a global movement raising awareness around the struggles and challenges men go through at different stages of their lives.  

Currently working in a non-profit organization on the South Island of New Zealand, Deva describes himself as a down-to-earth soul with a witty sense of humour and a personable demeanour. He is also the VP of Education for his Toastmasters club and has participated in Podcasts & Summits to share many topics associated with his experience and expertise. Enthusiastic in helping others to elevate their healthy version, helping them speak up with their soul and to push them to go the extra mile in achieving their dreams is his motto. 


Get ready for Deva to guide you towards your best version! 

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Men's Mental Health

Deva loves to speak on different platforms addressing specifically Men's Mental Health (a topic close to his heart). He is currently researching “toxic masculinity” and how to elevate the masculine energy in a healthy way. 

He would love to speak and share about any topics (for instance drugs, alcohol, toxic behaviour, violence, depression, anxiety, suicide) relating to Men's Mental Health and help others to recognise the struggles and challenges that men go through different stages of their lives. He would also love to have conversations with others (regardless of gender) around Men's Mental Health and how we can make this world a kinder place. 

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Empowerment Energy Healing +6


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