Your Roadmap to Passion Income
Your Roadmap to Passion Income
Created 1 year 11 months ago
Organizer Becky Shook-Wotzka
Your Roadmap to Passion Income
Timezone: Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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This is a breakthrough interview series about Entrepreneurs who are living their destiny: they love their work, make money, and have an impact on their customers.  On the show I will conduct 20 or more interviews with experts like you.  Experts will share their knowledge, tools and strategies with our viewers to help them find solutions to building their own destiny with work, impact and money. 


We expect to reach over 100,000 people who want to know more about creating their destiny with work, impact and money.  Each speaker will have the opportunity to offer a free gift which gives you the ability to engage with the audience and expand your audience base. Each speaker should have 5000+ in their audience across their mailing list and/or social media outlets and be willing to send out 1 promotional email to at least 2 outlets that will total 5000+.