Your Roadmap to Passion Income
Your Roadmap to Passion Income
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Organizer Becky Shook-Wotzka
Timezone: Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Mon, Aug 15, 2022 7:00 PM (1 month 1 week from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Sunday, 31 July, 7:00 PM

This is a breakthrough interview series about Entrepreneurs who are living their destiny: they love their work, make money, and have an impact on their customers.  On the show I will conduct 20 or more interviews with experts like you.  Experts will share their knowledge, tools and strategies with our viewers to help them find solutions to building their own destiny with work, impact and money. 


We expect to reach over 100,000 people who want to know more about creating their destiny with work, impact and money.  Each speaker will have the opportunity to offer a free gift which gives you the ability to engage with the audience and expand your audience base. Each speaker should have 5000+ in their audience across their mailing list and/or social media outlets and be willing to send out 1 promotional email to at least 2 outlets that will total 5000+.

It's never too late to dream bigger and dare more
AnYes van Rhijn Life and Business Reinvention Mentor

AnYes van Rhijn, aka The Reinvention Mentor, is an Award-winning Life and Business Reinvention Mentor. 

Professional Women who are stuck, demotivated and feel there must be more to life, hire AnYes because they want to redesign their life and business on their own terms.
She helps them uncover what is important to them, create a business that is aligned with who they truly are, and implement the self-care and personal effectiveness habits that will ensure it’s all sustainable.

As a result, they now lead a legacy life and business in which they dream bigger and dare more.


Living a Legacy - The Entrepreneurial Dream!
Dr. Arthie Moore-Robberts The Compassionate Leader of Influence

Being an Entrepreneur is the greatest gift and journey one can embark on. It speaks to our Legacy, Visionary thinking, Impact and Influence we seek to have on a global scale. From innovative thinking, to creativity, there is no limit to what can be achieved. Let's explore the traits of a Compassionate Leader of Influence as we challenge our own Entrepreneurial mindset.

Business Education +2
Abundance Personal Growth +20
#1 Thing Holding You Back From Having the Income You Desire
J Nycole Ralph Ralph Manifestation & Abundance Coach

This is a very interactive presentation in which you will identify the #1 belief that is holding you back from having the abundance (the money, the opportunities, the business, the lifestyle) you desire and deserve, AND what you need to do to overcome that belief, so that you CAN have this abundance! 

Become an Expert in your Field of Passion through 7 Streams of Income
Katrena Friel FRIEL Roadmap to 7 streams of passion income

Discover why Authors and Coaches Starve.

Discover why Perfectionism Dis-Ease is ruining your life and how to stop it immediately.

Discover why most people say they are not confident.

Learn the structure of confidence so you know how to self-manage properly.

Business Mindset +2
Business Spiritual Growth +20
The Art Of Escaping Corporate
Keith Allen Johns CEO

Learn what it takes to ditch your 9-5 for a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Mindset Entrepreneurship +1
Stop chasing dreams, outcomes, and goals
Larry Kaul Founder, Solopreneur Inc.

How to avoid chasing dreams, outcomes, and goals, and move toward an approach to life that includes living in the moment and accepting incompleteness

From Strategy to Execution: Turning Your Passion into Profits!
Paula Washington Chief Empowerment Strategist

This dynamic session provides you with a strategic approach to design the next stage of your life, which is your best! 

This experience will ignite your creative genius for the sole purpose of turning your passion into profit. You will learn how to integrate effective strategies and how to combine business concepts into one idea in preparation for execution. Whether you are pursuing a new business/expanding or encore career, these tools will help you accomplish your goals. 

Your life is personal. It is all about you and your story. Be patient with the process as you go from strategy to execution while turning your passion into profit.

Business Growth
Finishers Are Winners: 4 Steps to Winning in Business and Life
Rich Greene Peak Performance Expert

The difference between winners and losers in business is the ability to rapidly recover from a setback. Most people think that winning is about coming in 1st. Fortunately, the truth is that anyone can be a winner.

In this keynote you will discover how to:
• Recover more quickly and effectively from a setback
• Create strategies to leverage your strengths
• Reframe any situation to create a favorable outcome
• Turn a loss into a win every single time—100% Winner!

The World Needs Your Light
Robin Thomas Happiness Coach and Spiritual Teacher

Howard Thurman famously said “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 


In a world that is changing, shifting, dying and being reborn, this is more true now that when he uttered these words in 1974. Yet, figuring out what makes you come alive can prove challenging and overwhelming. It is so crucial as business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and people changing the landscape of business in myriad of ways that we know ourselves, deeply and intimately. We can only take our clients as far as we are willing to go ourselves.


Let's spend time together talking about what really makes us tick; uncovering who we were before ‘they’ told us who we should be; shedding old behaviors that no longer serve us expressly so we can have more passion, joy, and enthusiasm for our businesses and our lives. 


Join Robin Thomas for a lively discussion of how to clear out blocks and ineffectual patterns holding us back from truly thriving in business. 


Your Roadmap to Passion Income
Shane Flannigan C.E.E.

I am a unique one of a kind Womens Life Coach who will talk about his concepts for success & living an unfiltered life full of passion income.

Health & Well-being
Mindset Life Purpose Coaching +4
Climbing the Right Mountain
Tony Martignetti Martignetti Chief Inspiration Officer

Are you driven? Do you focus on a goal and give it all you have?

How we navigate our careers and lives is like climbing a mountain with many challenges and stops along the way. The climb is full of many decision points, and often we question if we are making the right choices.

But what if the mountain you are climbing is not what you expected?

We rarely speak about the enormous population of people who get to the top of the mountain only to realize they gave everything they had only to summit the wrong peak.
One of the biggest mistakes people make is living in a state of constant doing. If you are constantly doing, then your focus is all about climbing, making good time, getting to the next plateau, and, above all else, planting your flag before someone else does. And yet, many people have taken this path only to look around and realize their flag was meant for
a completely different peak.

In this interactive session Tony Martignetti, the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of Inspired Purpose Coaching, will discuss how you can shift your perspective and set a course that will fulfill you personally and professionally.

Business Leadership
Personal Development Mindset +2