Kim Yang
Kim Yang
Managing Partner

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wi, Kim's upbringing ingrained that in order to live a fulfilling life, she had to be a good wife that followed her husband’s orders without question, and the only road to success was to land a 9-5 with good benefits. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Kim Yang set off on a mission to educate sales professionals and business owners in developing sustainable business models through sustainable and effective Lead generation practices. Using her degree in Marketing Psychology and understanding of consumer and user behavior, she and her business partner established a sleeping giant known as Inbox Gorilla, a done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation service that helps entrepreneurs save time so they can focus on building their businesses. 

Up to this day, her organization has helped countless professionals from all walks of life in mastering the art of social selling through her skillful orchestration of discovery call campaigns for numerous market segments. She has helped build and nurture hundreds of local business relationships throughout Atlanta and Indianapolis— the Managing Partner of Inbox Gorilla, a done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation service that focuses on bringing business owners top of the funnel leads.


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The LinkedIn Secret Sauce
LinkedIn is the premier B2B business platform for social selling where you can find the exact group of people that makes up your target audience. What’s more, this platform was designed to help you find, connect, and then build a relationship with those same people, unhindered by the gatekeepers through whom you would usually have to navigate around. LinkedIn is an especially good source for discovering leads. It is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. 

I'll share profile optimization tips, targeting hacks and best performing outreach scripts that will schedule prospects right on to your calendar. 

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