Kati Orav
Kati Orav she/her/hers
Visual Facilitation Expert | Keynote Speaker | Author

Kati's mission is to help people rediscover two innate abilities – drawing and imagination – and make them work to their advantage. She applies her skills and knowledge as a visual practitioner, researcher, teacher, author, and public speaker to promote the field of visual practices and bring it to as many people as possible. She also has a master's degree in educational innovation from the University of Tartu.
Kati is passionate about thinking with a pencil and believes conscious scribbling contributes to more effective thinking, learning, collaborating, leading, and creativity. She also thinks it is beneficial for mental health and well-being. 

Kati is the Estonian Educator of the Year 2023, an award-winning impact speaker, and a TEDx speaker. She is co-author of “The Visual Facilitation Cookbook” and author of the book “Visual Facilitation: How to Use Drawing and Imagination to Live a Bold, Playful, and Meaningful Life.” 


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