Kathleen Woodington
Kathleen Woodington
Empowerment and Mindset Coach, Wellness Pro and Yoga Teacher
Certified Yoga Teacher , Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, B. Sc. O.T.

Empowerment and Mindset Coach and Wellness Pro Kathleen Woodington is the creator of the Ultimate Resilience Formula.  She shows high achieving women entrepreneurs who struggle with fatigue, burn out or depression, how to feel hope, experience more energy and ease and step into their power.  


Kathleen shows women how to use lifestyle as medicine to live skillfully and to heal their mind, body soul to create a life and a business that they love.  Kathleen's model is based on skillset, heartset (deep inner healing), mindset and reset (nervous system). 


Kathleen’s proven solutions are holistic, practical and effective.  If you’re ready to say yes to you, Kathleen’s your guide to the energetic and empowered women you dream of being. 

Kathleen is living proof that a healthy lifestyle can not only heal your life but save your life.  Having healed multiple chronic illnesses impacting both her physical and mental health Kathleen feels blessed to be alive and share her powerful message and skills with others. Kathleen gives hope to the hopeless.


Kathleen’s big mission is to inspire people to get addicted to feeling fully alive and thriving and creating a life that they love. Health is a skill set. Wealth is your birthright. Choose to live an empowered and abundant life. Find out more at www.accessyou.ca. 



This is an example talk for Kathleen Woodington

From Constipation to Transformation: My Messy Journey to Wholeness
In this presentation Kathleen will share her miraculous healing journey that spanned 5 years.  Having been told by her doctor ''we have no idea what is wrong, there is nothing we can do, and you are the worst we have seen,'' Kathleen's life came to a screaming halt. She then rose to the challenge to live every day her life depended on it because it did.  In this presentation you will:
  • be inspired
  • learn the mindset for living an empowered and resilient life, no matter what you are navigating
  • learn how trauma impacts health
  • understand why your frequency is your currency
  • learn how to think outside the medical box
  • understand why breaking down the stigma and talking about elimination is vital for our well being
Education Health & Well-being +1
Anti-inflammatory Living Chakra +8


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